Van Morrison was in the Band Called "Them" Before Brown Eyed Girl.

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Many people know the 1967 pop hit "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. It is still played on Oldies stations and 60s music channels. But did you know that he was the singer for Them? This Irish band had some cool songs in the mid 60s!

In 1964 they recorded the Garage Rock classic, "Gloria". This 3 chord guitar based hit has been covered many times over the years, notably by The Doors and Patti Smith.

Like to tell you 'bout my baby. You know she comes around. She's about 5 feet 4, from her head to the ground.

You know she comes around here, just about midnight. She make me feel so good, Lord. She make me feel alright!

And her name is G - L - O - R - I - A! Gloria!

Them followed up this monster hit with 2 other cool singles - Here Comes The Night, and Mystic Eyes, both from 1965. The former is a cool regular pop tune for the time, but has a nice reverb to the guitar. The latter has some funky harmonica and is slightly 'delic.

But then in 1966 they did a spooky psychedelic really heavy reverb guitar and organ cover of the Louis Armstrong 1928 song "St. James Infirmary Blues" but they called it "The Last Will And Testament" which goes on for nearly 5 minutes. There is an organ break in the middle, sounding a bit like the one in House of the Rising Sun.

Check this out; I bet you never heard it! If it's too slow and creepy for you, play it at 1.25x.

I went down to the old infirmary, and I seen my baby lying' there. All stretched out on a cold marble table. So cold, so white and fair.

Let her go, let her go, God bless her! Wherever she may be. She gonna search this whole world over, never find another guy like me.

Well 16 cold black horses, all hitched up in a line. Carried 7 pretty girls to the graveyard, but they came back without mine!

I don't know what's going on here, but it sounds pretty sad. Is she dead? Or did she just leave him for another guy?