Dance Music for Hive People!

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Word has it that the Steem community has transubstantiated into the Hive community! Let's see who among this swarm can dig music from the 60s or music that sounds like it's from then.

I usually post about Garage Rock, which was a genre predominately from 1966. By then, everyone had heard of The Beatles and wanted to BE the Beatles! Bands formed in Garages, Battle of the Bands had been won, the prize often being studio time to cut one record. Often that's all Garage Rock bands made! Check my older posts for tons of Garage Rock!

Today, in honor of the HIVE, token of which I hope MOONs, here is a song from the very early 80s which sounds similar to 1966 Garage Rock. Can you see why I picked this song? Watch the video!

"Baby when I kiss your hair, I feel electricity in the air!"

The B-52s are from Athens, Georgia. They are known for their many hits such as Rock Lobster, Private Idaho, Love Shack and more. This is a lesser known song from their Second Album. It's super cool to dance to! Very fast, but with many pauses so you can catch your breath.

"I wanna see you tonight!
I want you to walk in the door!
I want you to lie on the floor!
'Cause tonight's the night,
we make love under a Strobe Light!"

Get up and Dance!!! 😀


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