My guitar pick collection! Episode #1 David Bowie 2003 Reality Tour!!🎸 ⛏️'s

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Well Folks! Here we go again, time for another edition of Dylan's guitar picks........

I always wanted to get my guitar pick collection on the hive, just to get a record of it.

Welcome to my guitar picks. These picks were all collected in the western Canada area. Mostly from tours that came through or local bands, but mostly big name Acts. I would guess that I have 300 plus pick to share.

I hope to share a pick to the hive every couple days or day or so.

Well here it is, today's pick!


Scroll down to see Questions about today's guitar pick and to learn more about this pick⤵️⤵️

With each new post I would like to try to find some information out about the picks. Some of these pics I know where I got them from. Some of these were given to me by a friend of mine.

Some of these pictures are identifiable, others I'm going to have some help on finding out more about that guitar pick.

Could use your help if you have anything to add about each of these guitar picks.

Here's what I know, or could try to find out.

Questions I have about this pick...

#1 Do I have intimate knowledge about this pic?

A: No

#2 Can I find a picture of this pick on the internet?

A: I can not find image from the web in a quick search. Did find a Page about the " David Bowie 2013 Reality Tour.

#3 Can I find a song on YouTube where this pick could have been us at?

A: Yes, Hero by David Bowie

#4 Do I have anything else to say about this pick?

A: Yes and No, David Bowie is a legend. Just going to leave one of my favorites.

#5 Can anyone reading this provide details on this pick in the comment section below?

A: If Yes, I will try to upvote

🎸 handsomely 🎸


More about sharing my pic collection here on the hive.

I have a few hundred pics I'd like to share one at a time here on the Hive. Each post I'll randomly select a pick out of the Pick Jar. 🍯

Sometimes I'll need help identifying the guitar picks.


Till next time


With me on Hive


Ooooh that is too cool!

Thanks! @thekitchenfairy! My first comment on my guitar pick post. Will never forget.

As well, when we met in Thailand!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This came to mind when thinking about David Bowie.

I remember watching this movie called The labyrinth when I was young. Was an epic scene in the movie and song ⤵️

Great special effects, for its time