"What's the point of struggle without the reward"

Lol man, even the "dopamine hit" of video games is starting to wear thin and this rings so true. I've kind of been living life with an extreme lack of motivation and this makes me ponder if that loss was due to a childhood of being told to shoot for the stars. Always dreaming to be the next big writer with a movie deal. I imagine I'd get a lot more novels finished if I simply focused on "it'd be cool if my cousin could read an actual book I wrote."

On the flipside of dreams comes the stark reality of life, and I decided a long time ago, and it pissed my teachers off when I told them, that "There HAS TO be cogs in the machine and I'm more than happy to be a cog."

I honestly expected to click off this video rather quickly because this style and topic is generally something I couldn't care less about, but it is a really good watch. One thing that kind of amused me was when he was covering the cost of goods. They've all gone up. BUT WEED HASN'T LMAO! It's cheaper than ever! My dad used to pay $10/g when he was a kid in the late 60's just like I did as a kid. And his $10 bought a lot more other things than my $10 did. And now weed is like $4 a gram!

hahahaha. The weed is getting cheaper 100%.

Thank fuck honestly, as you gotta be high to fucking put up with this fucked up planet.

I can tell ya watched it, shit spoke to me too hence the share / clickbait title.

Some are cogs, some are self contained machines, do what makes you happy really.


From the first two minutes of the film I can say that it did not describe me or my so far life. I was in my beginning twenties when I took part in a scheme (multi level marketing, investing money). It was half a criminal organization (in terms of legislation) and half a waking me up one. lol. I took part for quite some time. Though I had zero financial profit through it (people were too attached to their money, which I personally was not and was curious to take risks) I profited in life experience. Never since I got back into a normal (debt-focused) life style. I cannot identify with the movie characters shown, working as a slave from nine to five (even though I had those jobs for a while but stretching personal freedom and negotiations to the possible max). I know, people claim that you are a slave unless you free yourself from paying taxes and such.

I followed my passions until today. I neither obeyed authorities in my work altogether nor sold my time to the highest bidder. Though I would not claim that I am special or do have some outstanding talents. I don't. It's alright to not be a super genius, it's fine not having done something "remarkable". The question would be "for whom"? If I look at myself I can say that I did remarkable things, though they might be seen as stupidities for others.
I state that I never was a fully integrated member of society though it's also true that I never was a drop out or will become one, I guess. Being "mediocre" is nothing evil.

Nonetheless I agree that schooling can be a great waste of time and in many on my own cases it was.

This video hit me like a ton of bricks because the guy is spot on.. Drop out of society, create anew.

Are the bricks still there? What are your steps towards creating something valuable?

"It's alright to not be a super genius, it's fine not having done something "remarkable"."

For some perhaps.. Being trapped on a world full of consumer retards not producing anything and being ok with that is something I struggle with, it drives me to fuhrerious (heh, get it..? betchu did nat-zi that comin, eh?'. XD. sorry for the terrible german nazi jokes, legit would gas the scumbags first though.) rage that people prefer to use the internet to look at cat memes instead of research shit they need to know to be of decent utility as a generalist... certainly not goyam, and even being slightly smarter and applying it to day to day actions makes a world of difference.

HaHa, no problem. I have "germany" in my user-name as to give information where I am from. I thought that would be nice when I created the account like five years ago. Actually not many people place nazi jokes on me :)

For the rest of your comment: There is no way to order people to become self-reflective. The lesser people are on a mission, the better, if you ask me. One can inspire and be of support. But you can't order people to become better educated.
I don't know if I myself made a difference in the world but then it shall be enough that I can assume it without having hundred percent certainty. Being able to live with uncertainty is something desirable for me, though its one of the toughest things...

lol, if you're unironically asking my that question I'll just assume you aren't familiar with my works or inventions. :)

No, you are a virgin for me. HaHa! I read your postings for the first time.

hawt. I'm sure you'll find something of interest and or offence to you in my ramblings and summonings.

HaHa! Probably. :D
I can be a nasty critic at times. Ask questions (which oftentimes are encountered as rhethoric, which they actually aren't (most of the times).

Nothing wrong with having strong informed opinion. :D