In Mexico you have to worry about cops more than anything + Day 5 of the 450k steps challenge

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On Saturday I went to my cousing's house, he invited a couple of friends to enjoy the pool and have a few beers. I left my schnauzer at home so I had to go back early.

It was around 11 pm and I wanted to go back.

I was waiting for my uber when some cops came to me, started to ask questions and then tried to get me on the cop car for allegedly loitering - loitering is something that happens daily in Mexico, everywhere.

They ended up taking my cellphone, my wallet and then left.

My guess, rogue cops - pretty usual in Mexico - trying to get some extra income by selling my shit.

Anyway, I haven't been able to post nor being active because I had no way of being so, it is just now that I'm back in my dad's home town that I was able to get back my laptop and get on Hive.

I might be able to get a cellphone tomorrow, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

In case you're wondering, no, there's no use in going to the cops to report the cops, they're all in it together.

Either way, on Saturday I got 18k steps, I just couldn't post about it. I hope I can post about this challenge soon.


What??? I thought things like these only happen to gringos... When I lived in Playa, we went on a trip the other day and were stopped 3 times by different police patrols during that trip (just to Paamul and back), all of them coming up with random crazy bullshits to make us give them some cash...

Hey!!! I missed you around!
Yeah, the cops there seem to be like that. They're very much the same in SE Asia, and the rest of the Caribbean. To be honest, I prefer their ways hehe. Well, if you have some money to spend. If your poor, you're damned. But I guess they'd target people who seem to have money rather than the poorer ones that don't make them any money.
Here in Ireland 99% of the cops are plain A-holes. It's almost like they hired them because they were...And they also all cover for each other.

Anyway, it's nice to see you here again. Much love from Ireland!

Oh my god. I am shocked. I am more shocked about the fact that you are describing it as though its as normal as having breakfast in the morning....
That kind of things happens here too, but fortunately not all of them do that. I am sorry that this happened to u. I hope situation there gets better.... Be safe....

Spent 6 weeks in Mexico in the early 80's doing a major tour in a rented car. Any time we came into contact with the Federal Police lead to some form of a bribe for some made up reason. At that time they were paid them $60 per month, given a badge and gun and further subsidised by all the bribes they could take.

Once back home, a vow was taken to never return.

Well, that sucks. Sounds like complete system overhauls are required everywhere.

Yay for 18k steps!

The way civilization works nowadays...sometimes more blatant than others. Sorry that you suffered and I know you'll get things going for you on your own.

I saw the title and I was like this sounds like majority of African cops. They are thugs!

So sorry about your belongings.

Me imagino tu impotencia! 😠 Pasa en México, pasa con en Vzla, pasa en TNT. 🙄

Pretty much same league with Nigerian Police

Sorry about it