Been awhile Hive Blockchain! Update, things are well! Aluminum Rounds

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All right, here we go! We

Here at you to share some of my new aluminum collection! Trying to stack the right materials for the hive age.


All my aluminum rounds are in imperial measurements, none of these sizes are in metric!


We stock from 1/8" 6061 T6 aluminum rounds up to 4".


Hopefully I can make some new metal piece out of this soon! But I need your support. Hive, please follow me for more!

I'm stuck in the right aluminum rounds to make some epic pieces!

Your support needed!


Help me make metal again?




I'd love to know more about your process. How do we go from those first images, and arrive at the last?

I'm not sure I have a short answer to that question! The photo of my "love is key" sculpture is from about 12 years ago when I built it.

Back then I had a lot less options and materials to choose from. I'm not sure how last night, I tied aluminum rounds and that's sculpture together.

Something to do with my want to create again, now I have a great metal selection. But like the free time to explore creative ideas. I do have more videos and photos from the process in which I take to create sculpture. I should find more time to post some older works and the process in which I use to create them.

that's cool! how easy is it to work with? looks great tho.. 😎🤙

Aluminum has some interesting attributes. It is quite friendly and workable. For machining parts, it's one of the softer medals to work with. It also offers other characteristics such as low weight, corrosion resistance. And a good strength to weight ratio.

I sell quite a few smaller aluminum rounds to machinist and hobbyists. Not everyone has a extremely powerful lathe. Often some of my customers have mini lathes and aluminum can be quite easy to work with.

Thanks for your comment!

Cool. Thanks 😊😎🙏

What do they make out of those 4" rounds?

I don't think I have a good answer for that question! I sell about 20'- 40' of 4" round solid Aluminum a year. But I can't recall asking one customer what they're using it for.

I do have one customer that machines parts out of various aluminum profiles. He went to school in Florida. But usually ships his parts from Canada state side. As far as I know his customers are in the aerospace field.

The largest aluminum round I have used is 6 in. Years ago when I made this coffee table photoed below. Today I might cut circles out of plate. But back then, I got some 6-in solid cut into these plates that are above the glass on the table.


I guess if you were using a lathe round would be a good starting point.
I was thinking the same thing you were, slice off an end into rounds, but figured that couldn't be the most popular use.

I bet there is a part on NASCAR's stock cars that starts as 4" aluminum round solid, and is turned on a lathe to it finally shape. Just a thought!


The sales page said these were the uses, but I never did find any projects using it.

Glad things are well! Where have you been? :)

Stacking metal, when I wish I was on #hive!!

Should have been a digital artist.

It's easier in some ways and probably as hard in others XD

But doing well in general? :)

Oh looks so attractive 😍😍.