Trade and flex and flex and trade

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Prices goes down.

Stablecoin smart.

Prices go up.

Shitcoins are the way.


patient. Good price, good hold.



What does it mean?

There is to much dumb money in the market. Even after those big drops.

Art Nfts not Zero? LOL

If the short-term boys are away, the market becomes clearer.


Always remember, Interest rates are racist and only against gay people.

Math is also racist.

Please cancel!



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WARNING - The message you received from @animal-shelter is a CONFIRMED SCAM!

DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!

we need for this a better solution, new people will always click.

Maybe "scam report" and if 10 people report frontends can decide to block or something like that.

It is difficult to implement an effective solution because scammers are always one step ahead.

They often use an account that they they just hacked and it would be a shame to permanently block that account if its former owner manages to recover it.

5 different posts report it within a week = 3 month block. Could be human-reviewed, like a proposal that cost 100$ a day and the community can review "scam posts" and earn.

Would be worth it. For a simple solution.

Could be also change from full view to "click to view after reports".

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