The first #HiveMeetupBarcelona

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OMG, we did it...

from the idea to the real meetup with a small group of four Hivians in just 3 days. Within this post about the ISE tradeshow I asked if there are some Hivians around in Amsterdam.

Hive rocks and the community is King


Hey Hive Family
let us travel the world again

We had fun...

...and covered a lot of topics from our beloved blockchain #Hive. From history, the different HiveFests, the tokens like BEER and potential next activities for the community to meet.

Damn, that was nice.

And than there was this beer....

Someone chooses the well know place, the Fábrica Moritz Barcelona brewery, for the meetup.

We had @flauwy @growandbow and @llunasoul plus @detlev - a nice start for a meeting in this lovely city.


But there is more. Why not trying to plan the next meetup with some more time and more people.

@empoderat, @toofasteddie, @santigs, @queengaga and @resiliencia are as well close by.

Brewery Moritz since 1856

A brewery, a laboratory where we bring hundreds of ideas to life, a culinary centre, a bakery, an avant-garde architectural project and very nearly a museum. The Moritz Barcelona Brewery is not just a brewery, it is a whole universe of beer located in the heart of Barcelona. If you have already visited it, you know perfectly well what we are talking about. And if not, you can get an idea in this section, although we are more interested in you coming to visit us.

stolen with a smile from


Did I said that we had fun?

I guess you can see this....


Where to find the brewery

Sure, here comes a #Pinmapple link to visit that nice place. See the comment from Pinmapple for more details


Now back to business

This day I spend a lot of time to learn how huge new LED displays can be and what the new trends in video and audio communication might be. Ufff, a lot of facts and even more talks


I prefer the nature for biking, but ...


The fira main entrance


Have a great day everybody
and let us travel the world again

pic by @detlev

Enjoy the #BeerSaturday
have 3 pics and a story
around beer - and go!

@Detlev loves HIVE

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A wonderful meeting between friends. Congratulations and repeat.
Good vibes.

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Awesome! 🙃

Sieht so aus als ob ihr Spaß hattet... 😙 LG aus Wien

That looks like a whole well planned visit. And a very good one. We did it! Thank you for organising the HiveMeetUp 🙏


Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER from @growandbow for you. Enjoy it!

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Hallo @detlev!
Schau ich hab es ja gesagt, ein spontanes Meetup geht immer. Es müssen ja gar nicht immer so viele Leute anwesend sein. Ihr hattet,in kleiner Runde, viel Spaß. Ausserdem habt Ihr ein neues Bier ausprobiert.
Ihr habt alles richtig gemacht.
Bis die Tage @missagora

Danke für die „Blumen“ und ja - die Hive Community kann sowas.

Wurde auch mal Zeit das sich in Spanien wieder mal was tut!!
immerhin gab es ja mal ein Dtube Forum in Barca... (@hauptmann lebt in Barca, und @tibfox)

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