Hivers in Cafe1001 - The London Hive meetup

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Hivers In Cafe1001



I can't think of a better venue than Cafe1001 for the meet-up we had yesterday. It's spacious, relatively quiet and accommodating to small crowds. There's food and drink of all types - including pizza from next door.

I was the first in since I was already in the area taking some photos and walking around the back streets of Shoreditch. I was relieved to finally be indoors for the meeting though since it was getting colder by the minute after the sun went down.

I used to live and work near the venue a while ago so I know the neighbourhood very well. I used to hang out in Cafe1001 after work so I know that place well too. Sometimes I'd spend the weekend in there working on my laptop. There was always good music there - often a live DJ, playing chilled out tunes at low volume. Epic vibes.

A lot has changed there since I was last at Cafe1001. Some of the sofas have been replaced for more modern ones. The sitting arrangement has changed too. It's now also safer for the staff downstairs since you can no longer "accidentally" drop things on their heads from above. 😄. There's now a mesh barrier decorated with vinyls. It looks really cool actually. The DJ station is also gone, replaced by a kind of table/stage setup.

The sitting downstairs also looks a lot more formal than before. It seems more like a restaurant now with candles and all that fancy stuff. It used to be a bunch of uneven tables and (literally) vintage chairs.






Even the toilet has been refurbished somewhat. No longer does one have to seize one's breath for as long as possible while using the toilet. The old-school metallic "piss tray" urinal has been replaced with three modern ceramic ones. It means the urine doesn't linger or have to travel across the whole tray from one end to the other before it's washed away. The vintage metallic "shit bowls" are still there though, so yay.



The coffee has improved! I mean, being Brick Lane, the coffee was great anyway but wow! I ordered another one immediately after finishing the first. Most of the first cup was consumed while waiting for the Hivers to arrive.

There was a festive spirit in the air and the staff seemed happy and playful, even though a couple of customers changed their drinks 3 times after changing their minds and deciding they were made the "wrong drink". Me, personally, I'd have said "oi, shut up and drink it like that", lol, but I guess I'm not built for customer service. Other people are way more patient that I am.



I saw a couple of guys walk in whom I suspected were there for the meetup. They indeed were. They turned out to be @tdctunes and Pablo. Since I'd never met either in real life, I wasn't 100% sure. I was 100% sure, however, when @steevc arrived. One by one everyone else showed up including, to mo utter shock, @mcsamm whom I hadn't known was physically in the UK! He did say he was going to come but, reading his post, it was sort of ambiguous and seemed metaphorical - sort of like he'd be there in spirit.

Needless to say, I was delighted and had a lot of questions about his Hive projects in Ghana which I'm totally in awe of.



I honestly had a blast chatting to several people - some people not enough. I got some great new ideas and learnt some new things, which is always important. I'm looking forward to the next one. Shoutout to everyone that could make it, especially those of you that came from far. Hope to see you guys @monivis, @basilmarples, @heruvim1978 soon. I didn't get to speak to @gian I don't think. Hopefully in the next one 🙏


Peace & Love,




Lol. I spotted @steevc on thumbnail photo immediately while scrolling. Hope you all had a great time. I’d love to host one by me one day.

Go for it. Have to start somewhere with these things.

After the holidays, I might fish it out there and see who’s local and down.

ROTFLOL. We were all his vignette 😂

Wow, what a great place for a meet up, I finally get to see the Cafe you talk about most of the time.

It must have been really nice meeting up with those guys, hehe and @mcsamm is doing a really good job, I guess the note book on the table was one of his projects right?

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it's always nice coming to your blogs 👍.

Oh yes, it's weekend already, hehe, have a great weekend Ade ❤️.

Yes that's one of his projects. Really awesome stuff.
Thanks for the great comment. Have a great weekend.

Awwn, that's really nice, he's just so amazing really, I wish him all the best.

You are welcome, it's my pleasure 🙏.
I will ☺️

We had such a great moment. I still remembers the number 1 financial advice given to us by @adetorrent. That was such a deep one. Thanks always sir.

I guess you all did, it was obvious with the smiles on your faces. I see that @adetorrent was surprised to see you in the UK, I'm just trying to picture how he reacted when he saw you, lolz.
Hmm, a financial advice? That's really so cool. I'd love to know what the advice was if you don't mind sharing 🤭.

Yes, I'm already preparing a post about that financial advice he gave. I will share with all soon.

That's a really good idea, I'll be looking forward to seeing that post 😊.

I think it was something about buying maseratis for homeless folk but still using coupons to buy your coffee....
did I get that right?

Really? That's really hard to believe though, but I do appreciate your response, lolz. I will have to wait for @mcsamm to write the post and read so I can understand the story better, hehe.

Now I've moved away, sometimes I really miss the London vibe such as these occasions. Glad you guys had a good time!

It's a real vibe for sure. So many options here as you know :)

Good times. Always nice to hang out with you. The venue was pretty much perfect. I should have got some shots in Sleazy Pizzas. They really milk the porn vibe.

See you next time.

Haha yeah. We missed an opportunity not taking photos of the pizza :)

That's an excuse to go back.

Thanks for coming, the cool writeup and the photos!

🙏 thanks for putting it together.