You’re not a person. You’re a planet.

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“You’re not a person. You’re a planet made of roughly 40,000,000,000,000 cells.”

On my meditation/journey this morning I set this divine intention:

Understand the body better.

Immediate response: “There is no singular body or an ‘I’ to go with it. There is just all of us. Individual organs, systems, cells, molecules, and the like with various mechanisms to obtain awareness and attention.”

The last few weeks I’ve been working to remove judgments from my thinking process. I‘ve witnessed numerous examples where I’ll see someone’s actions, make a judgment, and then find myself in the same situation less than 24 hours later. I got a nugget of wisdom from A friend this morning on the difference between judgement and assessment. Assessments aren’t about people, they are just describing what is, as required by various responsibilities.

So here’s an assessment:

The individual voluntaryist (i.e. me) is actually the dictator of a universe of sub conscious processes and systems that are almost entirely controlled with no autonomy at all. “Do your job, cell, or be destroyed!” and the concerning part, like the Squid Game, is that “we” are the ones doing the destroying. At first this seems horrifying to realize that created things are destroyed and recycled for the benefit of other systems of created things, but then I realized it’s a system of consensus. The process of evolution keeps things in balance enough that we are here, now, a planet of sorts experiencing itself as a person, all 40 trillions cells together.

Before I try to go about improving the world with new technologies and ideas about increasing freedom, autonomy, and the like, I’m going to learn how to tune in to this body I’ve had for over forty years and learn how to be less of a dictator over it. I’m learning to listen to its many signals and work to coordinate them for a benefit of all. The more the sense of “I” gives way to the truth of a multitude of connected awarenesses working together to facilitate what is labeled the human being Luke Stokes, the less wrong I will be about my true nature and the nature of reality.

Maybe someday “I” can learn to use language (or invent it, if need be) to more accurately describe the experience (and the experiencer) currently unfolding.


Very dissolving thoughts, not sure how healthy that might turn out to be. Considering 40t egos, not such a great plan.

But if you insist, import coke and swallow and a small VW Golf model every other day. Bring Kapitalisim to your inner slaves, maybe they will found the United States of Luke after a few weeks.

Did you watch the video?

yeah, just tried to leave a funny comment

The author even seems to be 'Kurzgesagt' a german which I've been reading as a child in the analog world.

Thanks for the new kurzgesagt! Need to order their book.

It seems to me that there is a takeover of the Asian philosophy of life through the consideration of the "I", which is said not to really be there as soon as one begins to look for it (an experiment one can do for oneself, right?).
I have been working intensively on the subject for the last ten years or so, maybe a little longer. Each phase has been accompanied by the desire to share my new insights with others.

In the meantime, I've gotten over that a bit and the expansion in that direction has snapped back insofar as I've gained the impression that the less I talk about it directly, the better. I see my missionary attempts as a bit gauche and partly self-righteous. Where some think they are right and stay where it feels right, others have gone away, so that I as a person never really find myself in sync with anyone. Everything is situational anyway and difficult to generalise.

I have even developed something of an antipathy towards these currents, not because I reject the wisdom, I still find coherence in the teachings. What probably bothers me is the overarching nature of every insight, if it is not found and lived by me, but seems to rise to a demand when carried outwards.

One could probably make an anecdote out of that.
... Like someone who tells another in a confidential conversation that "it's a long way from the head to the feet" and the person then trumpets this to the world and demands "People, it's a long way from the head to the feet! Tread it or be of mischief!"

"Being less of a dictator", sounds way better :)