Kick-Off for the Hive Publication of my Meditation Book, The Perfect Pause.

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As I mentioned in my previous blog post today I’m going to start publishing my 2017 meditation book here on Hive for you to read, free of charge. It makes me happy to think that this book will, theoretically, live here on the blockchain long after I'm gone, despite what Amazon or any other mainstream platform might do with it.

As you read the installments in the next few weeks, if you have any questions please feel free to pose them in the comments section and I’ll try my best to get to all of them.

I’m going to begin with the front matter of the book to share with you some of my backstory and reasons for writing the book. Chapter one will begin in the next blog post.


I discovered the power of meditation at an extremely low point in my life. I was overweight, not exercising, and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. At my worst I was barely functioning. I struggled to leave the house for fear of crippling panic attacks. After a while it felt as though I wasn’t even living. I was no longer in control of my life and I absolutely hated that feeling. The worst part of this for me was the shame. I knew I had more potential and that I wasn’t living my best life and that feeling of limitation frustrated me.

The fear of the anxiety caused me to construct my entire life around a routine that kept me feeling safe and secure. As a temporary escape from my misery, each weekend I would force myself to get out of the house and would drive to a local bookstore. I spent hours reading about anything that interested me. One afternoon a tiny blue meditation book called, “Metaphysical Meditations” caught my eye so I brought it home, read it, and began to meditate. I then read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananada, these two books were the spark that began to transform my life.

After a few months of practicing meditation something miraculous began to happen. I began to notice that I was starting to slowly heal from the inside out. I felt more relaxed, I began to eat healthier, had better concentration, and was flooded with a general sense of well-being.

In 1991, about a year after I started my regular practice, I enrolled in a three year course in advanced meditation. I was so excited about the benefits I experienced through my practice I began to believe that meditation had the power to change our entire world for the better, one person at a time. At that moment I vowed to one day teach others.

Only in the past year, more than twenty years after I first began, do I feel even remotely qualified enough to teach and share this life-changing practice of meditation with others. My goal was to fill this book only with honest, simple, and actionable methods and concepts that have worked for me personally.

Getting to know your true self through meditation takes courage and it takes work. Each meditation session is like charging your cell phone battery. If you meditate just a few minutes every day the benefits you receive will soon be depleted and you’ll be back at the same place you started.

Life in this world will never be perfect but despite what challenges unfold around us but you will learn through your practice that it’s nearly always possible to remain peaceful, hopeful, and happy. The negative moods of those around you don’t have to spill over into your own consciousness. You don’t have to impose any limits on your life due to fear, anxiety or anything else.

At the end of most chapters there is a section called, “Put It Into Practice”, these are simple ways to incorporate the methods presented in the book in your own life. Also at the end of each chapter you’ll find a Notes page to jot down thoughts and ideas. If you’re reading the eBook version of The Perfect Pause on a mobile phone or tablet simply place your finger on the Notes page and “long press” your screen to activate the Notes feature in the Kindle app. Use this notes feature to document your observations and results.

I’m convinced that this simple practice has the potential to heal the world one person at a time. As I sit here today putting the finishing touches on this book I’m reflecting on how completely my life has been transformed by this true miracle. Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Practicing it is the greatest gift you can give to the world. No matter where your life stands today, it’s never too late to begin your practice.

Each year more and more people are waking up to the fact that this life is an incredible gift. Life gives us the opportunity to learn, to love, and to grow beyond our wildest imaginations. When you begin to treat life as the gift that it is an amazing new reality will open up to you. It’s a world that you may have only seen small glimpses of before. Meditation is your chance to join the ranks of the awakened.

Whether you realize it or not, you are miraculous, you deserve love, you deserve a life of happiness and fulfillment, above all you deserve to be the best version of yourself. Remember this now and for the rest of your days.

The Greatest of Secrets

You languish, awash in worry
that time is slipping by
and all that once was
has long gone down the road
never to pass your way again.

They tell you you’re a sinner
and you remember
when your innocence
wouldn’t allow you to believe
but time and their wicked words
have so deliberately whittled you away.

It is they who tell you to keep coming back,
dangling the hope of salvation
just beyond your fervor’s grasp.

But there are a few things
that they have failed to tell you
you are miraculous, you are divinity’s spark
the power of your soul is a sleeping giant, long exiled.

If you only knew the power that you possess
your eyes would stream tears of joy as if awakened
from a terrible nightmare to realize the greatest of secrets...
you are an emperor in beggars clothes indeed.

All for now.

With Gratitude,

Eric Vance Walton

Link to purchase The Perfect Pause

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Poetry should move us, it should change us, it should glitch our brains, shift our moods to another frequency. Poetry should evoke feelings of melancholy, whimsy, it should remind us what it feels like to be in love, or cause us to think about something in a completely different way. I view poetry, and all art really, as a temporary and fragile bridge between our world and a more pure and refined one. This is a world we could bring into creation if enough of us believed in it. This book is ephemera, destined to end up forgotten, lingering on some dusty shelf or tucked away in a dark attic. Yet the words, they will live on in memory. I hope these words become a part of you, bubble up into your memory when you least expect them to and make you feel a little more alive.

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Hey brother, i love that you are posting this here. i already shared it with @mountainman & @awakening.soul
Keep up the wonderful work.


Thank you so much It's great to know this will be here for people to access for free despite what happens to Amazon. Peace to you.

Only people with high IQ can publish books, because in producing a book is not easy and requires extraordinary hard work and in this case you only share it for free. I salute you.. Hope you can publish more books in the future..

He also sell it. The kindle version is currently $6.34 USD, the paperback release is currently $12.99 USD.

Thanks! I honestly think everyone has the ability to write a book it's just a matter of being able to break the subject matter into smaller, more manageable chunks. The book's been on sale since 2017 on Amazon but I thought I'd offer it for free here on Hive.

In my opinion not everyone can write a book, here requires a very high imagination and the ability to process language so that it is easily accessible to all people and ages, even I have noticed some people who are good at speaking but they will not be able to summarize it in writing.
Thank you @ericvancewalton

Love the poem! We are relearning our powers.
Looking forward to the installments.

Strongly written, I especially liked the prologue. Makes you believe in success in life

Glad you enjoyed it @magnata! Thank you.

Its amazing what meditation can do in one's life.

Its also amazing how a book can shape one's life.

Well, I will be following these series of yours and trying to put them to practice

Maybe, this might just be what I need

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of meditation. It doesn't matter which books, videos or apps you learn from the important thing is to just begin and make it a part of your daily routine. I hope this helps you!

Let's ride

Definitely gonna follow and learn. I’ve been on and off trying to meditate for a long time, but the telling of your backstory really is drawing me in. Hopefully it works for me!

Cool! I hope it works too! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

The perfect pause.... The title alone has so much meaning

What kind of anxiety did u have at that times? As far as I have understand, it is social phobia.

I think many people have had anxiety somewhat during this one and half a years. Therefore, your book might help someone. I would be glad to read all installments of your book. Thanks.

The anxiety I had to hit at any time for seemingly no reason. Looking back I know now that it was repressed trauma from my past resurfacing. The pandemic is the main reason I decided to release this book. Hopefully it'll help some people!

Wow, awesome stuff! I am happy to see this is getting the recognition it deserves too! You might get a vacation out of this! :) I look forward to reading the rest!

Thanks! I don't know if I remember what a vacation feels like but am looking forward to relearning. : ). I hope you enjoy it.

I look forward to it. Your poetry always speaks loudly! What part of the book was the hardest to write?

I to rally agree about his poetry.

It really hits hard

It really does. It speaks my language.

Thank you my friend! Getting started was definitely the most difficult part. I had to put in the hours, days, and years into the meditation practice itself to be able to feel comfortable writing on the subject. If I count that part it took me over twenty years to write.

This is such a generous gesture @ericvancewalton! Your little book has helped me before and is being pulled out again as things have been really tough this year. I hope many Hiveans get to read/ work through this amazing work of love that you're sharing freely with us!
Thank you Eric.
Silver-Blond Lizzie ❤

You don't know how happy it makes me that it's helped you! Thanks for sharing that with me.