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Dear Hivers

The other day, during some training at work, a colleague and I were given a quick task to do. I think it was a simple version of a test originally devised by Carl Jung, which sorts you into four different personality types – in this case based on two criteria: how introverted/extroverted you are, and whether you make decisions based on logic or emotion.


To nobody’s surprise, I came out as ‘green’ (emotional introvert), which is the group that wants everyone to get along, even if it means not much gets done as a result. Interestingly, after the training, when we challenged the rest of the office to take the same test, it turned out I was the only one who fell in that category. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not… but hey, at least someone’s keeping it friendly.

Here’s a brief summary of the four categories – which one are you?

Yellow - bright character, friendly, quickly flustered, needs acknowledgment, needs others

Red - needs to win, prevailing character, cherishes a test, doesn't allow feeling to disrupt everything

Green - needs congruity, quiet in an emergency, hesitant, bad at conflict

Blue - objective, insightful, likes to design, can appear to be negative however taking into account all points.

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