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Browsing maps can be interesting.
I used to wander in atlases before the Encarta 98 map appeared on a CD-ROM. And still I use google maps a lot. There's no river in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía, Spain. Maybe they had a well or a source for water, otherwise, how did that town get there?
And now I was wandering in Baja California del sur.

I was thinking, from the south of that peninsula, there would be a ferry crossing over regularly. But, I can't find any place there for a ferry to dock. Which is weird. People live there, who need to get across some times, don't they? Well, it seems they can't. Not with the car anyway.

By the way, there is no road from Panama to Colombia. You can't get from north to south America by car. Maybe by bike, I haven't looked for cycling tracks. Che Guevara must have come to México by boat. He did not do it on the motorcycle.

And as a mandela effect, it looks to me like Cuba and Hispañola both have moved west a bit. But mandela effects are something, it cannot be proven, and it can hardly be explained. It can only be experienced really.

I hope you enjoy my writings.
I'll keep it short. Your time is precious, and getting ever more precious.

What did I write here...
On this page, I wrote some comments...

This is what I wrote:

Such glitches, they do something to your world view. Your entire ego is based on your world view. So, yeah, I can imagine such experiences are ... confusing at least.
I have been experiencing all kinds of mandela effects since June 4, 2017. I figured out eight possible causes by now.
On my YouTube channel, there's an interview with Bill Wood, about Project Looking Glass. There's a pinned comment there, in which I explain five possible causes. 6) It could be A.I. reverse-engineering itself retroactively, by changing the past in its advantage. The past can be changed using quantum computers, bose-einstein condensate and/or time travel.
Anyway, there are many easy explanations for glitches, but none of them make any sense in the reality we used to experience. Reality is changing as we speak. The changes seem to be speeding up exponentially, as I had predicted in 2017. Converging timelines, converging ever faster.

I replied myself, twice.


7 ) Timeline wars. There's a war between the Galactic Federation on one side, our side, and the Draco Orion Alliance on the other side. They try to kill us all and take over our planet.


Can't recall the eighth possible cause. It'll come back to mind some time soon.
Anyway, as the timelines converge, if that's what happens, we also converge with everyone we could have been, if we had taken the other decision.
And, as time speeds up, the frequency rises, but it can't be measured. I visualize this in a video on one of my channels not on YouTube.

I have taken up enough of your time now though. I hope you learned something new, something you didn't know yet. Preferably more than one thing.
Have a wonderful evening in America, a wonderful morning in Australia, and a good night in Europe. If you live in Japan, you should go by the Australian timezone, but I figure I do not need to explain that.

Thanks for reading!
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I love browsing real estate maps to look at homes for sale and the prices of them in different neighborhoods. Maps are so exciting to explore. It's incredible the power we have at our fingertips to explore the world.

I always thought the Dzhungarian Gates were a thing. I never could find them. Because they're not there. It's just a name for a border crossing, there are no gates. I think the town is called Druzhba. I should look it up, but I'm quite sure it's Druzhba. There's no gates there.