Life and Mallorca, 6 of ?

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I am back to enlighten you on the recent happenings here on the island of Mallorca.

Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

My usual approach is to read the previous post, check the date, and then take a look at the photos I've collected since then. The gallery is lacking in numbers over the past month or so, but I think I've got enough there to mildly entertain for a couple of minutes....

But first, go HIVE!

As we all (should) know, the time to earn HIVE is when it's low - like sub 20 cents in January low. This is a bit of a battle of the mind as post values don't look great, but if you've been collecting for the past year or so then you should have a big smile on your face this week.

I've heard anywhere between $4 and $20 being mentioned as highs this time around, which could well be in the next couple of months. Of course, this is purely speculation but I don't think it would hurt to have some free float available to try and catch a spike or two. Last time (almost 4 years ago), I was cashing a little out but was naive to Bitcoins 4 year cycle and didn't make the most of the huge gains available. I'm a little more prepared this time and so hopefully I'll time some sells right and hopefully collect enough fiat to sort out a place of my own. 🤞

Two years in current role

Back to reality for now though, and first some words on the day job. It's been two years exactly since I started working in my current role - this time has seemingly flown. I remember sitting in the office in March 2020 (less than 4 months after starting) and watching the FTSE and Crypto sinking like the titanic as Covid had reached multiple countries and lockdowns were being enforced all over. It wasn't long after this that I was furloughed for 6 months, only to return to work, remotely. I can count myself really lucky for getting a job just before Covid, one which has allowed me to move overseas, pays alright, and isn't actually too stressful. Cheers for that boss!

Driving status

Last month I posted with regards to my driving status here in Spain, and the impending invalidity of my UK license which cant currently be exchanged for a Spanish one. A couple of days after this post, I received an email from GOV.UK which stated the Spain have kindly agreed to acknowledge UK driving licenses until the end of the year. So that's good for the next month or so but I'd really like to see the option to exchange licenses (without another test), or for Spain to ditch the idea completely. Spaniards living in the UK have no issues driving on their home nation license - can we have the same, por favor?

Back to base

After a short and stressful move across the island, I decided to cut my losses and move back 'home' for the time being. The capital was a draw, as it's really quiet around here this time of year, but I feel much more relaxed and am closer to friends and one family member. Hello mum!


I think she is happy her IT support is just around the corner again, and that I'm covering her bills with a little extra pensioner pocket money. It's not my long term plan to stay, but it suits right now.

Skeleton crew

The end of the tourist season has arrived and the beaches are empty again. Due to the poor season income-wise for many, some friends have gone home for winter or are leaving permanently, for work on native soil. One friend has owned a shop here for 26 years, that's got to be tough moving back to the land of big grey clouds. Another has gone to German to work at the Christmas markets, something I heard yesterday could be rather tricky as they have apparently been shut down as the country fears for another wave of Corona. She has someone apartment-sitting while she's gone, and I thought I'd send her a photo of her cat which seems to be eagerly waiting her return 😺


This is one of her two cats, and the one which is afraid to balcony hop after getting stuck and being too scared to turn around.

Zoomed for a better view of the front paws in the air, cute!


Passing the time outside of work hours

(Come on HIVE, I would like 0 of these work hours! 🙏)

After a slack last month or so, I've started cycling again (in-between rain showers and before dark), and firing up the HIIT videos. There may have been a fair amount of booze consumption had in recent times (I heard it was a good distraction), and so 'challenge abs at 43' is underway. I had lost some motivation but it has returned of late.... perhaps more on that another time 😉

This photo was taken on the way home from a recent ride out - worth ruining a record route time I think.


November has been very wet, but the island needed a soaking after recording almost no rain in August. Which brings me nicely on to my exciting cloud photos!




So exiting, I took 3 photos of the same cloud. I do like how the soon to be setting sun is shining on it and the moon too.

I enjoyed the summer a lot, even with a dash of crazy thrown in. The next few months are going to be much colder and quieter, but also more relaxed - that is unless HIVE blows up to double digits. If that happens then it will be drinks on me at the local. 🍺





I honestly love cloud photos. The way the light interacts with the different billowy bits is just the best... the moon sneaking into the shot is great as well! Good luck with 'abs at 43' - I'm sure it'll be harder than abs at any previous age.

Sorry, when you say 'home' do you mean in Spain or in the UK?
Also... with Portugal being tax-free for crypto, would that ever be an option for you?

you can join the #lovetheclouds community ;)

The way the light interacts with the different billowy bits is just the best... the moon sneaking into the shot is great as well!

Agreed. I spent a few good minutes looking at this beauty :)

Ah sorry, 'home' is east coast and mums empty apartment - now even more hectic with the stuff I'd bought for the bigger place here too!

I'd like to remain in Spain and Mallorca - really don't fancy starting again with another language. Saying that, if HIVE does go bonkers then it could be an option!

@tipu curate

A pleasure ☺️ great post!

I've heard anywhere between $4 and $20 being mentioned as highs this time around, which could well be in the next couple of months.

I think, we should see 10$ by January - and I love to see you with Mom - she seems very happy about it. Love the island..

$10 would be life-changing for many of us, as long as we've still got some liquid by then!


Dramatic cloud(s)! That cat on the balcony is awesome. Its front paws held up. Like a blooming rabbit!

I am still deeply envious of all those who got Furlough. Damn my place.

And yes, go Hive! Or rather, go more!

Yeah the cat is a strange one - partial to a special leaf of two, as I have witnessed :)

Furlough rocked, I might ask for another go, or a sabattical, or just opt for a see you later chaps I'm all HIVEd up!

A Hive you later!!

That explains a lot as that ain't normal cat behaviour. Unless it's them Spanish cats just being cooler than every other cat. :0)

Spanish cats are even more arrogant than British ones!

Thats cos they get to wear shades all the time! :OD

I love the sky and cloud shots great pictures. I am not so sure about the price of Hive, but it has been nice seeing it go up and making my account value look so damn good. I am very close to my goal of 10,000 HP and that should hopefully be reached by mid December. $4.00 Hive price would be nice, but current price is not bad considering where we were when the year started out.

Yeah, 10-15 cents back in January, what a rise and reward for those who stuck with it.

I did have in mind to end the small delegation at the end of the year, hopefully you're account wont really notice it has gone. Do you plan to take a little if say, the price hit double dollar digits?

Heck, you can take it back when ever. I have really appreciated the help it has provided, but compared to October last year, I think I am in a so much better place now.

I am thinking about getting KYC account somewhere next year but I want to get a separate savings/checking account first that will not balk at crypto exchange trades.

if hive blows up to double digits then I'll be drunk for a couple of days :)))

Liquid HIVE is required for the beers, I hope you have some ready :D

been keeping liquid Hive at the ready for a year now ;)

That looks nice and even better - I saw a !BEER

Enjoy the wonderful island

You did see a beer, just one of many this past month :D

Have a slice of !PIZZA to accompany one

That !PIZZA had a nice taste dear @abh12345 - Thanks

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I've heard anywhere between $4 and $20 being mentioned as highs this time around, which could well be in the next couple of months.

Inasmuch as I think this is pure estacy from the moon, I do believe we have to be realistic about where the prices would go, 4$ is reasonable and would take a lot of work. $20? Now that's pure overexpectation.

Stunning photos of that waterside, I've never been opportuned to see such a view. Goodness me!

The $20 prediction was from one of the first accounts on Steem/Hive, perhaps they have a boatload ready to ship :)

I am lucky to be here and appreciative of the great views. Hopefully HIVE can take you places in the future, you deserve a holiday :)

Hey hey Asher, your mum looks happy with you!! Cool! ;))
Driving license. Almost ten years ago we were able to switch to the Spanish ones without taking again the test. Next year they will expire, I hope we can renew them without taking again the driving test.

Oh, the cat is so funny, hahah with those paws in the air.
Cloud... did you take the could photo a few days ago? I saw similar ones, looking exactly towards your island from the peninsula ;) And yes, we received a bit of that rain too, my storage room in the garage became a swimming pool 😂

Next year they will expire, I hope we can renew them without taking again the driving test.

I hope so too, and I hope it is easy for me too although I think they will make it a pain :(

Cloud... did you take the could photo a few days ago?

It was a few weeks ago actually - we have a cloud each :D

Hope that at least the sun is the same we share on that sky :)))) clouds come and go away ;D

You've been in that job 2 years already, seems like only yesterday you were posting about getting it.

Next post you'll probably own yer own house!

Yeah it's mental how fast the last two years have gone.

Next post, pink lambo :)

Order it now, supply chain shortages!

That cat is awesome!

I think your mum should have to work for her pension - delegate her cards and say "if you want rent, win some games"

I wish I could see some sunsets like that right now :)

He's a bit of a chubber, clearly missing mum though.

My mum locks herself out of her email/banks/anything with a password weekly - Hive is not for her :)

Wow, Great job. I love cycling too. I like your cloudy photos and sunset. It was so gorgeous.

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Great post boss

Woo damn those clouds are epic! They d be a great reference material next time I work on a landscape 🤩⛅️

I loved that cloud (or many clouds rolled into one) :D

great post, beautiful landscapes

It’s real impressive how you stuck it out and stayed with your convictions! I really mean that.
As you say the time to earn was really when Hive was very low around 20 cents for example. If you earned a lot of hive and invested at that time then as of today you would have made 10 X gains.

So now is the time to capitalize on those gains, right ?

Well these opportunities don’t come very often, you have a sizeable stake, so atleast it could be good to take some profits.

As for me, for it to really turn into something substantial, I have to keep grinding a bit, unless it just keeps pumping then even with my stake it could turn into some nice sums.

If you were to buy a place whereabouts would you settle down, in Mallorca ?

I wish I would have been more active during the bear market but the pandemic came right about the same time as my wife and I found it she was pregnant. So the focus has been on the family. Now our son is 1 years old already. Definitely the best investment I made in my life so far :)

To float away on a puffy white cloud could be fun being away from the mayhem on the ground.. Awesome shots Asher.

Nothing in life is feeling right anymore is it? Oh well so long as you happy, enjoy your cycling again and allowed to drive for a month or or, keep making the most of it!


Some awesome stuff dude, tough to move back but gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! Thankfully you're closer to family though, that's important for sure.

Awesome cloud photos, love those!

The last time I read your post you were moving back home a defeated gentleman. Good to see you are back in sunny Spain and now home for a bit. Ran a Primark in Los Arenas Grand Canaria for a year and they asked me to stay and I turned them down. It was a major sliding doors moment for me so I am always interested in people who do stay.

Well the clicks of clouds is just incredible 😃

Thanks, it was a great opportunity for a phone snapper :)