Life and Mallorca, 5 of ?

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Without a cannon in sight, it's about time for some more photos and goings on in my life here on Mallorca. Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4.

I must admit to having struggled to post about anything other than the planned pieces over the past few weeks, but slowly some head-space is returning and I'm starting to again enjoy what the island has to offer - cue sunsets and seaside photos...

I was recently told about a couple of places worth a visit and in cycling distance from my new home on the southwest side of the island, and so on Sunday I cycled up and down a few hills to find Portals Vells and Cala des Mago. On the map it looked like their were a few routes to take but at present, until the (seemingly pointless) military base that is not on the map is disbanded, that isn't true. Oh well, 6 extra kilometer's travelled, and a photo of where I was trying to get to.


Back on track and heeding the warning of cyclists - especially those without helmets and a 'good vibes' Spotify playlist coming through the earphones.


Strange to see a windmill in operation, even if it was just for show and not bringing fresh water up from the ground. This was next to a rather fancy looking golf course, and so maybe they pitched in for the cost.


Portals Vells


Cala des Mago - I had been told there's a nude beach near here but I didn't see any nakedness onshore - just some old dude on his boat, not fishing, but with his tackle out.


Another 20km on two wheels this year, which I enjoy being on a lot as there's plenty of time for own thoughts, without stepping into any dog-poop.

Further round the coast of Calvia, I visited a view point last week during my holidays. I've cycled past here before but this was 5 years ago when I lived much closer, and with only 2 bananas and a bottle of water, it wasn't the best planned trip.


Not a bad place to clear your head though!

Speaking of the car, which passed it's yearly roadworthiness test last week with flying colours, I managed to break it yesterday on a trip to the supermarket 🤦‍♂️. Approaching a roundabout and admittedly being a bit rough on the gear change, the box became loose and I trundled across with the emergencies on and down a slip-road.


After calling my insurance company, the truck driver phoned and asked me to send my location on Whatsapp and arrived shortly after. He loaded up the car in no time and asked if I was going with him to my local garage, which was shut (and is today due to a national holiday), but I hopped in the cabin as it's close to my house. He got in and said 'welcome to the party!', stuck some music on and hammered it to the garage, going faster over the seemingly thousands of speedbumps on route than I do in the car. It arrived still on the back though and he impressively parked up and reversed the car nicely into a spot opposite the garage I went to only last week. Fingers crossed it's not too expensive, I will find out mañana.

Socially, I've met a couple of new people and had chance to head back to the east cost to see mum and friends. After recent events, they have asked/suggested/demanded I return to Cala Millor for a little while to re-group. To me, it feels like going backwards and I'm siding towards not doing what people say and either staying in this small town, or moving closer to the capital, Palma.

Last weekend I was in the city and following sunset beers we found a bar in which a few people were dancing outside, wearing some rather chunky headphones. A 'Silent disco', I think is the term, was in progress and after a pair was put on my head without much choice, 'channel' pink was banging out some pretty decent progressive trance 😁


I did have to turn them down a bit but it was great to be out of the house and watching people dance, whilst trying to do the same. Thank you, new friend!

A few weeks ago I signed up for a 'conscious' pool party, which if you are wondering is not an orgy. There was lots of meditating, starring into strangers eyes, dancing on the grass, and some very friendly people to chat to, mainly about their spiritual journey I guess.

Thanks to that day out, I'm now meditating almost daily (after a 20 odd year layoff 🤷‍♂) and have picked up some books which drew my attention whilst the people present were discussing them.

I'm currently partway through The Celestine Prophecy and managed a couple of chapters at a local beach bar - here!


Spicy chips, a few beers, some decent music, and book subtitled 'how to refresh your approach to tomorrow with a new understanding, energy and optimism' - That will do nicely.




Gorgeous views Asher! Going with your bycicle on this kind of trip to clear your mind is better than therapy haha. Hopefully your car will be fixed and maybe you won't have to give your kidney away for paying out the repairs lol.
Meditation? That's a great habit! You are getting better and better at living your life Asher!

I love my bicycle, more than my car :) (but the latter does come in handy for longer trips and moving stuff)

I've just seen the mechanic who spoke to me this morning and said the car would need to go elsewhere for a look - not sure if that is good news or not!

Yes, a habit lost, but one i'm finding again for different reasons this time.

Thank you Mary, I hope all is well with you :)

If you feel more at peace doing meditation then it is definetely the right habit. I also started a new habit for me which has been going on for a couple of months already. Waking up in the morning and praying and expressing gratitude for everything I have in my life . It has changed my entire existence and it brought me a lot of peace. I know that praying is usually associated with God or religion. But I see it more like a deep connection with myself and the big Universe which rules them all. Is there a particular youtube channel or person from which you have learned meditation?

I think praying can bring positive attention to yourself or whatever you are focusing on with your words, this has to be beneficial! And perhaps it is what should follow a meditation in which you are clearing your thoughts and settled into a place where you can then start to control and direct them.

I have Spotify, and there are 100's of short and long guided meditations available - I'm finding these useful right now.

When I first started back in my early 20's, I was learning from books and found this useful also. Some people use a candle to keep their focus but the main point is to steadily clear your mind, accept what thoughts arrive and let them pass until there is pretty much silence up there - then, the theory is that, you can start to guide your mind and project positivity into future events.

And if you agree that positive thinking can have an effect on your future, would you ever miss a day? I'm annoyed with myself for letting so much time pass, distracted by the various forms of life and living, without taking some time for myself. Better late than never though eh!

You would not miss one single day that's for sure! I think that there is a perfect timing for things to happen. If everything you have being going through guided you to this version of yourself, than all the waiting and procrastination was worth it. We would not be what we are today without what we were. Good or bad. I will search meditation stuff too. Recently I have founded Eckhart Tolle's voice super relaxing for sleep. He has a great podcast where he talks about conscioussness and raising our awareness. I am sure that we will grow so much that next year we will be even better at a spiritual level than what we are now. Have a fantastic weekend Asher!Hugs!

Dude you're at the parties paradise for sure. It has a great fame over the country and everyone's willing to get a "fly" there. I wished I could go and nose a bit but it wouldn't be good for my health so fortunately I'm too far away.

Those shots and places you visited are all nice spots to be and spend some time with your thoughts cleaning up the internal space.

It is a popular destination for sure, but the party hasn't really been present this year or last for obvious reasons. Things are looking better for next year at present though.

... to be and spend some time with your thoughts cleaning up the internal space.

Yeah it's just what I need at present, cheers :)

Well in such circumstances what people have been organizing parties in remote places or private properties, it's a question of having the right contacts at the right moments. If I were young enough! hahaha

I'm more on that, cleaning myself from toxicity no matter its form. Life it's too short to waste the time and strength.

Best vibes over there.

Yes those parties have been happening throughout, even the Police have been at it apparently :)

I'm more on that, cleaning myself from toxicity no matter its form. Life it's too short to waste the time and strength.

Happy to hear that. This level, or source of toxicity is new to me and so work is in place to acquire the skills to cope and move forward.


So, you were dancing on the street, to music others couldn't hear, and everyone was listening to different music? That must have looked great!

A few weeks ago I signed up for a 'conscious' pool party

Won't be too long til you have a chest-length beard and be building a wigwam next to @revisesociology!

btw, I agree- stay where you are or go somewhere more fun :)

I wasn't moving too freely outside, a bit more inside :)

Only 2 channels of music playing, and you can tell who's listening to what cause of the colour. I think the other working channel was green and what was playing was noticeably outvoted for.

Won't be too long til you have a chest-length beard and be building a wigwam next to @revisesociology!

That has crossed my mind, maybe in 10 years time when the necessary time has passed grow something similar!

btw, I agree- stay where you are or go somewhere more fun :)

Thanks, yeah, I think moving closer to the city is currently in the lead. This place is super quiet which is great for work, but not so good for bumping into new people.

Did you sidle up to someone and say, "I came to get a closer look at your pink bits"

This place is super quiet which is great for work,

Make this a secondary need :)

Did you sidle up to someone and say, "I came to get a closer look at your pink bits"

I wondered who'd given me that chat-up line 😁

Make this a secondary need :)

Would be nice if there was no need at all - perhaps some !PIZZA can help 🍕

welcome to the party

Lol. That could have gone so wrong!!!


I didn't think that at the time but you are right! It was close to Magaluf, some interesting parties there I reckon!

Could have been a man-napping!

Your poor parents must think they've raised a beach bum. 🤣

Mum lives closer to the beach than me, and my dad was a beach bum so would have no room to talk :D

Dude that doesnt sound like bad life at all and actually the island life as I know it. A bit of outdoors, a bit of social, a bit of everything.

On terms of where to live..Yeah Palma has more hussle but also more city quircks which is aa good question if you want yourself to get into that?Regardless.. dont leave there man!

It's a good life, just got to spend it around the right people (or be alone!).

There will be more quirks living in the city, but with a beach at the bottom of the road and it being only 20 mins to a host of other (better ones), I'm sure I could cope :)

Deffo not leaving just yet!

Good to see you getting some more clarity in your life, also I loved the cannon joke, it was awesome :)))

Thanks, I do need to focus on that at present.

Re: Cannon line, I'll probably get accused of gas-lighting but you know, got to see the lighter side of things!

I doubt many people will pick up on the joke. And that reply was crazy to be honest, I can tell the person writing it is not the most easy going or chill

I 'damaged her image' with the first blog I wrote, without mentioning names, ages, location, etc.

So the only person who knows who the post was about is her, who's image is unclear in her own mind.... bah, it's fascinating/frightening to think about, but back to focusing on me I must!

I agree with the focusing, bit, enjoy the scenery and the cycling :)

I wonder what would happen if everyone did a series of posts like this one (or maybe a Dapp?), then everyone on Hive would be able to tourist around the normal side of every town in the world. Great to see that life in Mallorca is getting better man, I guess it's also the season, but it is good news to see you're having a good time and a good life.

I like a bit of virtual sight-seeing from Hive people - #haveyoubeenhere / Martibis and his travel app still going, I think so?

Cheers, good to see you :)

Yeah but that's for travel related isn't it? I think people upload posts related to exploration and traveling but not really about a corner store or local bar in Bangladesh lol, but imagine a haveyoubeenhere sort of app but for normal stuff in every city, not the interesting or touristy stuff (which is great, but not the point of the local "get to know my city").

Yeah I see what you mean. I guess many folks here could find some content on the 'off the beaten track' stuff in their city or local area, would be good to see more of that.

are you looking to get involved in an nft ecosystem, between either open sea, the new coinbase offering, or the ftx-solana collaboration? gl and peace

No plans to, I just have a bunch of Splinterlands cards - lucky me!

The pictures of Cala des Mago and the coast of Calvia are really beautiful. Which device did you use to take the shot?

Just a phone, this one

Strange it's gone up in price since I bought it 11 months ago :)

Oh, I know the device. It was one of the phone choices I had in kind of buying when my phone was stolen a month ago…

If it has gone up in price, that means there is a high demand for it or possibly a devaluation in dollar I guess.

I recommend for battery life, but i overlooked the casing options and you cant get an Otterbox for it - these are the best / most indestructible for clumsy people like me (I've cracked the screen on this one despite a 'decent' case.)

Alas no more cannon photos. Thankfully no photos of a guy with his tackle out near a nude beach, fishing tackle or otherwise.

Looks like a wonderful place to be! I would say move closer to the capital but that’s my opinion lol. Hope the car didn’t cost too much to get fixed! Don’t eat a taco while driving a stick shift around corners, that’s pretty hard!

Yep, no more of those, for this year at least!

I am still considering a move closer to the capital, and I'll make sure the winter sunshine is hitting the apartment or terrace too.

Car - 360 euros, not ideal but no option! I don't eat and drive, but getting used to the music being on loud :D

"which if you are wondering is not an orgy" - too funny!
Looks amazing, thanks for sharing the adventure and wish I could travel there with my family! Maybe someday....

I did have friends tell me it sounded like an orgy!

Someday it will become a reality I hope :)

You live in a beautiful place Asher…looks that way by the photos. I think you are living a grand life.

Funny thing about meditation. I was into doing some every Thursday evening but got out of the habit the last few years. Your mention make me think I should start again also. The Celestine Prophecy sounds interesting.

I hope you car’s repairs are minimal. Take care, be well and enjoy the present.☀️🌺

It is a lovely place, just need to be looking in a positive state of mind - getting there.

I would certainly suggest getting back on the meditation wagon, there are so many short guided meditations online which could help you pick it up again.

360 euros for the car, not great but in times of crypto good times, I accepted the cost and will be more careful with gear changes next time :)

Thanks, you too!

I could detect a bit of restlessness and glad you are getting to a positive state of mind. For sure we all go through anxious times and it’s not always easy to keep to the middle road.

Have a wonderful Friday, Asher.

Ah, yes! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Love your Mallorca photos. Keeps my memory banks full and my dream of going there again, alive. Be well!

Thank you Fiona. I'm getting there, but feel this road could be quite long.

I'm glad to occasionally revive good memories for you and wish you well :)

Congratulations! These experiences are valuable. They are the quietest but they speak to us the most. I would love to be in a 'conscious' pool party too!

Yes I agree. I am grateful for my life and the direction it has gone, even if it didn't feel that way at the time.

See you at the next pool party :)

Nice pictures! 🤗

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Ah, yes! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Love your Mallorca photos. Keeps my memory banks full and my dream of going there again, alive. Be well!


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Conscious pool party? Count me in! Looks like you're settling in there are starting to grow a local social network. That sounds like one awesome tow-truck ride, although it's never fun when it comes time to pay the bill(s).

I am so jealous of that weather and those nice bay areas