Do You Have Leaks?

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Do you have leaks in your affiliate marketing efforts?

What is an affiliate marketing leak?

An affiliate marketing leak is anything that takes the traffic you have worked so hard to get to another site.

Let's look at some of the more common leaks

  • You have a leak if you have any pay-per-click ads on your blog or if they pop up on your splash page. LeadLeap used to popup a small window at the bottom of your after a few seconds with three ads. If someone clicked on one of these ads, they are gone. You just lost that potential customer. (LeadsLeap does not do this anymore. At least I could not find an example.) If you include Amazon or Google ads on your website/blog you have leaks.
  • You have a leak if your splash page, lead capture page, and sales page has a YouTube video. Below is the end of a video I have on YouTube. If any of those pictures are clicked, the potential customer is gone and taken to someone else's video.

Screenshot from the end of my video

  • Sometimes a sales page has a phone number that can be used to purchase the product instead of buying from the internet. Most of the time if your potential customer calls you will not get credit for the sale.

These are 3 examples of common leaks. Remember, a leak is anything that when clicked takes your potential subscriber/buyer away from your site.

Check the products you are promoting. What kinds of leaks did you find?

Whenever you are considering an affiliate offer, check all sales material provided by the product for potential leaks. If they exist you may want to find a different offer.

See You At The Bank,
Bob Caine



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waoo, i found youu article again.
so, i have leak in my phone.
does leak have any advantage or disadvantage

In my opinion, there are only disadvantages to leaks since they take the viewer to someone else's website. Thanks for your comment.

Hello Rcaine, I finally get to visit and will see more of your blogs thanks to Listnerd. A very interesting article, I for one have always wondered about this affiliate marketing. Thank you for the breakdown. See you next time😀

Thanks for your comment. I hope my post was helpful.

It sure is helpful😊👍

Great post! You never want to lead a customer away from your own sales. !hivebits

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Absolutely! Thanks for your comment and support.

Really good post, Bob. Many marketers do not have any idea about these issues. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment and support, John.

super tips Bob! I had no idea!!! Still new in this business. :)

I am so glad you found it useful. Thank you for the comment.

i really appreciate the insights Bob! total newbie here :)

Good points. Plug those leaks! !CTP

You are right. Thanks for your comment.

Even though we supposedly get "paid" for having Adsense ads or showing YouTube ads on our sites, it is not worth it to drive traffic away. Thanks for the helpful hints, Bob! Those kinds of things are not designed for us to win.

Excellent point Lisa. We may get paid a few pennies but I don't think it is worth it. I am going to monetize my sites with my own promotions. Thanks for the comment,

No, it is not worth it, Bob! You're welcome. The more we can do on our own in driving traffic to our sites the better off we will be. Have a great day.😀