Your Weekly Zekely - Bring on 2022!


It has been Christmas and New Years since the last update and I can tell you I languished without shaving during the taint of the holidays (between Christmas . I like to take a look back to reflect on a week's memories and experiences and share with the Hive community for conversation and crypto rewards. It's not rocket surgery but hopefully it entertains a few folks around the world.

This week, searching my camera for pictures other than my feet up in comfy plaid pants and find some pictures of fun or productivity.




This picture serves a little double duty. First of all, it show you how not to fix the ethernet/computer cable when you accidentally cut it. Cable is cheap or you know a Zeke if you are lucky with a box in the truck.

Second, it proves that I did SOME work the last couple weeks. I got the distress call that started with "I know you are on vacation but..." and ended in me trucking up to go make sure a family had the internet over the holidays. Turns out it was a family visiting from overseas so internet communication was even more important to feel connected to the rest of the world. All in a day's work for Ladder Man!

Midnight Blue Fireworks New Years Day Social Media Graphics.png

There was a lot more work on tap but it was office stuff helping some businesses prepare for New Years offers and plan for the possible lockdown. This was one I put together as an afterthought to help friends running Not the most profitable of clients for us but a nice pet project to show what can be done with next to nothing even in a pandemic. They had a good New Year's Eve of business.


Community Work

IMG_3353 (1).jpg

I mentioned last Zekely that I had the chance to work with the local multicultural association and their donut-selling fundraiser. 'Tis the season and I spent a little time with them helping plan the new year, a new initiative of computer labs for newcomers to use for discovering the community and finding employment.

While there, we moved some things around and loaded up a new vanful of post Christmas toys and gifts for newcomers and those in need. Nothing like some easy work helping out to get you out of the cave. It will be a big year for us and and I am really looking forward to that thread as it weaves through the 2022 tapestry.


Another Jab


I am not one to get my flu shot very religiously on a regular basis. Extra work to soften the blow of a couple days of discomfort (and often much-needed break ;) is not high on my priority list. It is different lately though as there seems to be more at stake. Simple contact could shut down the vet clinic that provides a solid chunk of the family income. I had plans to continue to be active in the community and travel abroad this year so it was a no-brainer that I would take the risk of the vaccination.

Here is the line-up for the clinic for my third shot! A little pinch and a 24-hours of excessive sleep and I am back on my feet with excellent 5G!




You know there was beer in a week of languishing! A few of them were consumed at an irregular New Years Eve event at another of our clients, Heritage Hops Brew Company On the left you can see local crooners Jack and the Hartbeat busting out some dusty old favourites to ring in the new year. On the right, the local revellers and staff who had an odd 10:00 end to the evening because of bar hour restrictions. Happy New Year Jack and Andy and Erica and Kevin and everyone else. We will kick some ass this year no matter what is thrown at us.


Because of my wiring trip, love of splashing a little cash on the regional businesses, and need to have plenty of subject matter for every #beersaturday post. Haven't checked it out yet? is where you can find out a bit more about this glorious brew. Write your own post and have 1-7th of your weekly content taken care of!


Covid Update


The general consensus here is that cases of Covid are on a huge rise because of the Omicron variant. Rumours of lockdown were rampant but hadn't arrived by New Year's Eve. Then it was announced that kids would be going back to school in person on the 3rd. There were choruses of BOOs and everyone who leaned into the "what about the children" argument with cries of lack of respect for safety. Then, it was announced a few fays later that there was a lockdown which nerfed school, restaurants, fitness facilities and many more organizations. There were choruses of jeers from the other half about the damage to the economy and the children of course. They don't know what they are doing but would be lambasted anyhow.

Good news is it is supposed to be only for 2 weeks and the hospitals have not been overrun yet. It will most likely turn out to be longer than 2 weeks but we will make it through.

Can't help but share this slice of pure Hoserama from the 1990 Toronto Music Awards!

Thanks for checking in catching up on the start of what promises to be an epic year!



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I am honoured to curate for:


2022 is going to be huge for you and for hive!


Yeah they are bringing the "kids" back to university study here. Seems like they could have waited on that and continued with virtual classes. But I know the schools like the extra cash from the kids being there in person...

I got my 3rd jab. I think one more and then I can lose my cell phone for good LOL


The universities here pulled the plug to go to virtual weeks before the government mad the decision, then went back on it, for elementary schools.

A few of the bigger regional outbreaks have been traced to university superspreader events.

Sucks to punish rule-following restaurants and private fitness clubs but hopefully it will not last long.

Omicron has seemed to have turned a somewhat controlled shit show into total chaos it seems. But we'll get through it one way or the other.

I see articles around that some of the higher end restaurants are finding that pivoting to creating a great takeout and delivery experience is becoming more profitable than their dining rooms were. We may see a different looking restaurant industry when this is over.

Yes indeed!

On restaurant we work with came out of the last restrictions booming business better than before. They also unwittingly created a take out business that augmented that increase any more.

Didn't seem like a great idea at the time but when entrepreneurs entrepreneur, good things can happen no matter what is going on.

I can certainly understand the value in creating quality take out .. and delivery is even better. There is one restaurant in town that will deliver and gets all my business. Would love if the others would but it's take out or not.

Locally, there is a delivery business that has sprung up. The options before were insane insurance for the business, or skip the dishes type of stuff which costs way more than a simple delivery service. Hopefully someone there is industrious enough to launch a business like that, help the local businesses, and keep the money local.

There is a service west of me that will deliver to me for a minimum of $20 delivery charge. I have used it twice.

The first time went great, the food arrived in good shape especially considering the 20 minute drive to bring it.

The second time didn't go nearly as well. The time between receiving notice the order was on the way and arrival was about 45 minutes. I was watching the map and I looked like it took a while for the food to leave the vendor so I figured it would still be a 20 minute run.

The instructions given both times was to set the food just inside my door. This guy left it on my back step in freezing weather so the food was not only cold but it seemed like it had been sitting for the full 45 minutes. I wasn't pleased.

Just wanted to make you aware of some of the other symptoms of OMICRON..


Oh shit I haz the plague!

Jab, Beer, Hope, Repeat!

We are pretty good at this!

I like to lean into the needle...

Tesla's Revenge? I like the sound of that IPA

It’s a shame to close schools again, I hope it’s only for a short while, I hate this pandemic, it has changed our world.
But, I am hopeful things will improve in2022. Best wishes!

I read a report on the thinking behind the closures. They realized the way this one is spreading that letting the kids go back and then leaving it to local boards to close as needed due to staff shortages would be even more chaotic than just closing them all at the same time. The high schools will likely be back on the 17th as they are mostly vaccinated. The younger group are just getting them now so it may take longer.

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Happy New Beers!