Screenshot of My Wallpaper| 30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 19

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Among the blooging challenge initiated by @tegoshei, this is probably the easiest. I just have to screenshot my wallpapers and share it here.

Okay. I guess I need to explain the meaning behind each display.

This is the wallpaper of my first phone.


This is one of our prenup photos. That day is a memorable one. We expected a nice weather for the shoot. But then, the weather is really unpredictable. We didn’t asked for downpour. Postponing the prenup shoot was not an option, especially when you only took a leave from work. Good thing, everybody were flexible- the photographer, light man, make-up artists, driver. We were able to cope and manage the day. In fact, the outcomes turned out more beautiful and romantic. That’s why I decided to make this as the background image for my phone, and for my iPad as well. It reminds me that no bad weather can ruin our happiness.

This is the wallpaper of my other mobile.


My brother gave this phone to me. I don’t know, but I never changed this basic and plain wallpaper ever since I got it. Maybe because I seldom use it. Before, I tend to change wallpaper pretty often. But now things has changed.



@atongis chose this display for our laptop. This is also a prenup picture. It was raining the whole day, and we’re losing hope to capture a beautiful sunset. But then, the sun sneaked out briefly before it disappears below the horizon. We have ran so fast to chase it.

There you go. You have seen my home screens which I consider as my inspirations every time I browse my gizmos.

Thank you for reading.


The pictures don't seem to appear... or is it just me? 😭😭😭

I don’t know 😅 try to refresh or close the app then open again 😅

I opened it on PC, and now I see it. I wonder why it didn't work in my phone earlier... :) The rain made the photo more romantic and dramatic. <3 And the laptop wallpaper is 😍😍😍... Keep the love. <3

😊 thank you