My Top 5 Favorite Movies| 30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 14

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I don’t consider myself as movie scholar, that’s a fact I forgot to share. Let’s say my average is less than 10 movies in a year. In short, I can let a month pass without watching a single film. I’m also the type of person that waits for comments and reviews about a film before I decide to watch it.

I’m for romantic comedy, educative, entertaining, Disneys’. On the other hand, I’m not seeing horrors and science fictions.

All in all, I have watched few movies. However, it’s still difficult to choose which should be included in my list.

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1. The Lion King

First on the list. Of all the Disney films, this is the best for me. All the cast, animation, story, and soundtrack/ songs were spectacular. The opening alone makes my heart pound and I cry instantly. That’s why I got so excited when they released the remake of it last 2019. I went to the cinema on the first week, which I rarely do. As I watched it, I’m feeling nostalgic. I can still remember the lines from the original film. However, I felt sad when I noticed that there were some changes and the emotion/ facial expression is lacking. Nevertheless, I still love the movie and I think it’s better than the other Disney remakes.

2. Mr. Bean Movies

Rowan Atkinson is my favorite comedian ever since. The Bean and Mr. Bean’s Holiday movie are both hilariously entertaining from start to finish. Whoever doesn’t like these films is a loner. I also love the sitcom and the animated series of it.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

My list wouldn’t be complete without Anne Hathaway’s movie. She did a good job in portraying her character, and Meryl Streep as always. I’ve watched this many times and it’s not tiresome. It teaches many important life lessons.

4. Miracle in Cell No. 7

I can’t stop my tears from falling while watching this South Korean film. It’s a story about the love between a father who’s mentally ill and his lovingly adorable daughter. His father was accused of sexual assault, kidnapping and murder of a little girl. While in prison, he made friends with the other inmates. They help him see his young daughter again by smuggling her into the cell. Sadly, he was sentenced to death. Years later, his daughter became a lawyer and is eager to defend her late father for a crime he did not commit.

5. Law Abiding Citizen

This movie is brutal yet a good thriller. It’s a story about a man who have witnessed his wife and young daughter murdered during a home invasion. Years later, he revenged not just against the killer who got free after only few years of imprisonment, but also to the entire crooked judicial system.

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