My Midwest Diaries: Obstacles I had to face

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This was my first ever photo in Iowa. It is true when they say: Winter really does make you feel down because of the skies and chilly weather.Not seeing the sun shine can be really depressing too.

I am so excited to write about my travels and show you snippets of my small and big wins in life. I started to draft my trip to so many places when I realized something far more important than that. before I show you a part of those interesting journeys of mine, I want to share with you a little secret. Something not a lot of people know about. Even my Facebook friends and instagram followers are as clueless as a stranger.

I want to share with you my unfiltered life first before some of you assume I had it easy in life.

Disclaimer: this might bore you and you might leave this post as soon as you reach the 3rd paragraph of my blog because you wouldn’t be reading Fun and exciting travel trips just yet. But that is fine with me. I’ll save it for that one person who is going through something difficult.


This was taken in Sioux Falls, South dakota, about 30 miles away from where I live. This town is a little bigger than the town I live.

My journey to U.S was smooth sailing. I could not believe it either. Most of the people I know who wanted to work in America would always say it was hard for them to make it happen. My mentality was not far from theirs, but my mom wanted me to give it a try. Being an obedient child, I did what was expected of me. So, I applied for a job even if my work experience was not strong at all. Days later, I got in! I was shocked but was excited in a way because some people say that if you had it easy, it is meant to be. So, I believed in my heart that fate has decided and life in America is what’s best for me.


This is Lemars,Iowa, it is the town I live in.

New York, California, Las Vegas, Texas and Seattle.
These are few of the states in US featured in American movies. I for one associate United states as a land with mesmerizing sky scrapers but it does not apply to all other states In America, because US it is more than just high rise buildings and busy life, there is more to it than that. Out of the 50 states of America, the Job I applied for was in Iowa. I have never heard of that place before but who cares. As long as I can step foot in America, I am all good. My goal was just to save money, work for a few years and move somewhere else. So, I’m all set! Let’s go! with no much thought in mind I immediately took the job and had the “go with the flow” mentality.


I get really excited when winter is over.This was Spring time in Iowa. FLowers bloom, Trees flourish. More days and lesser nights. Spring is a reminder for me that every difficulty in life is not permanent. There is always an end to it. Soon when winter is over, the sun will shine and your life will bloom once again

From the moment I landed the airport, I knew there was no turning back. The fear was there but it was not overpowering at all. I had fun on my first 2 months in Iowa. The feeling of freedom is liberating, and it fed my soul for a while. I admit that in those months I was not able to think about my family at all, I was in love with the thought of being independent and not having to ask anyone’s permission. Then, I realized that the situation I was in was like that of a person taking drugs. You feel so high at the beginning but by the time the drug is out of your system, you begin to realize that things are not as good as it was when you first felt it. The excitement’s gone and reality begins to kick in. I am stuck! All alone and I’m scared. My parents were not by my side anymore. I had to pay bills now. I had to budget everything. Cooked for myself, cleaned the bathroom which I really hate by the way. Do some grocery shopping and a lot more.


This is a selfie inside my room.This is the place I spend most of my days in.These walls have witnessed every tear I shed and every prayer I tirelessly pray.This small room is my home away from home.

My life started to change little by little without me noticing. I lose weight and I wasn’t aware of it. My smile wasn’t always on, which is not normal for someone like me. I have not laughed so hard for so long. And I don’t know why. The talkative bunny has now become very shy and timid. I hate the person I have become. I did not like the person in the mirror. For some reason, my confidence was gone. I was awkward and boring. Life was miserable. Everything I envisioned happened to be the total opposite. I wanted to tell my parents. I wanted to go home but how can I do that? when they were so proud of me.Thus, I cannot confess to them what I really feel. So, I start to toughen up a little bit but still, it was not enough. Maybe I’m just home sick. It was what everyone told me. I had to believe that in the coming days and weeks, I will be ok. The nightmare will soon be over. ust wait! It’s part of the adjustment period. Hold on tight! Have faith.


this was my burns from the oil. I have burns all over my arms and even my legs. I wore PJ's but because of how hot the oil was, it still burnt my skin.

I remembered how I almost burnt down the apartment one time when I was cooking Spring rolls (Lumpia). I must have forgotten to turn off the switch and made the oil really hot causing it to flare up the ceiling. It was so bad. The alarm went off and everyone in the building had to evacuate. Neighbors wanted to help me, but I did not want to open up the door because of how ashamed I was of myself. I eventually put off the fire and told them I was alright. I had blisters all over my hands and legs because the oil had splashed all over the place. After the flame has settled, I locked myself in my room and cried myself to sleep hoping that when I wake up, I’ll be in my mom’s arms. I was not able to eat that day because I refused to. I was not hungry; I think the fear that consumed me made me full.


After all the hiatus, I still had to clean the ceiling from the black smokes which spread through out the entire ceiling. If I wont be able to clean it, the Landlord might charge me extra on my rent. So I got to do what I have to do

This, my hive friends is just one of the many unfortunate events of my life alone in America. I am so thankful of the power of time because it really does heal all wounds.


Aireen Montana

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You are a wonderful girl! Wishing you more success in your next steps.

Jesus that grease fire sounds scary! It's amusing how some people's mood doesn't get affected by the cold dreary winters. I am eagerly looking forward to it! And I am a LOT further north than Iowa! XD

That’s a really sad story and the fire was so unfortunate. Kani jung lumpia oi pahamak tsk
But I am still glad you are okay after all that. I mean you are still living your life and not giving up. I’m proud and happy you continue to do well in life. You’re so courageous, living away from home and yeah, it would really make us mature at one point because the comfort that we have once enjoyed under our parents’ care is gone in an instant. I hate cleaning the bathroom too. Actually I also hate cleaning the kitchen’s exhaust! But we gotta do what we need to do.
US is sad. If you don’t have friends, it’s sadder.

Beautiful photos!

Oh!! Yes, for sure you will be better soon, but just is case these words are useful for you, you only have one life, and the great news is that you are the designer. Sometimes it’s very difficult not to think about what our family is gonna think or how are they going to react. But… does it really worth it to be so worry about the outside, when you are already a complete human being, here in this world, with the chance to be whoever you feel like?

Sometimes relax and let our soul talk is a very good way to find the path ❤️