A Close Call

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Like many people in today's day and age, I have the good fortune to work from home. In all honesty, I have worked from home for about the last 6 years, and do not ever want to go back into an office again; I'm quite happy not commuting.

That said, I have a work area set aside in my basement. It has walls, light, heat, desk, chair, etc; all the amenities that a working person could want. Within walking distance there is coffee and a bathroom. Cats frequent my desk multiple times daily to ensure I am provided enough non-work attention. It's a good gig.

Alas, another creature came to visit me today.



I know. I know what you're thinking: "What is that? It looks like a spider, but could not possibly be." And I do not believe you would be wrong.

It watched me.

It stalked me.

It was a good one, maybe two feet long, I'm sure. I was concerned for myself. I was concerned for my dog!

A battle ensued, and one I'm glad to say I came out victorious. I removed the creatures corpse outside in a safe location; I'm keeping a close eye on said location, and fire may need to be an option.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty confident sleep will not visit me tonight.

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That is a nasty spider to have stalking you! I have nothing against them as long as they don't enter the house or get in close proximity.