Psywar: 5th Generation Warfare in Which Everyone is a Combatant

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I have often learned from folks like Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone, Kary Mullis, Zev Zelenko, Luc Montagnier, and ya'll here on Hive. I post the pics of these warriors that have left the fray, whose deaths have reduced our strength, but who have given us while they lived everything we needed from them to prevail.

Recently Steve Kirsch has published a method by which every single person can themselves show that the jabs are beneficial, or are harmful. It's a simple statistical mechanism that renders moot propaganda, co-morbidities, age, or any other factor than whether people that were jabbed outlived people that were not. He has also offered to pay 10x your wager if you can prove the jabs were beneficial. If you actually believe the jabs were beneficial and can prove it, you can plunk down your money and rake in 10x what you risk.

No one will, because every analysis of the data shows that the jabs kill people. This is also why no media platforms, no governments, and no corporations provide or analyze this data (despite the fact it is collected and available), and why those people that do speak the truth are censored and silenced as much as possible. By these facts you can not fail to understand that you are being deceived to fool you, and this is psychological warfare that is being waged against you.

It's not an accident. It's not too complex and confusing, and all politicians, corporate drones, and doctors are not too stupid to collect and understand it. It's deliberate and done on purpose. You are a target, along with your community, your family, and everything you hold dear, love, and value.

Robert Malone has published his speech from Jan 21, 2023, and he addresses this reality. I strongly urge everyone to follow both links, and to consider the facts that inescapably demonstrate evil overlords are real, powerful, are acting to do evil and become more powerful, and intend to harm you as a means to do so.

Every single human being is the declared enemy of those that are acting to enslave humanity, take everything we have, and destroy it and all of us, because they cannot sate their insatiable lust but are too deranged to stop trying.

In this war we are winning. As odd as it may seem to demoralized people that are inundated with gaslighting bots daily, the reality is that almost all humanity are against the lies and deception that are being promulgated to deliver our wealth, our power, and our very lives as assets, to psychopaths. Even uncoordinated and pitted against each other, the fact of our common humanity and will to live causes the attacks of our enemies to fail, and falter.

If you're black, white people also oppose your enemies. If you're Muslim, Catholics also oppose your enemies. If you're a man, woman, straight, homosexual, Communist, Libertarian, druggie, teetotaler, vegan, carnivore, Republican, Democrat, Boomer, or Zoomer... whatever you are, all of the people you actually see and meet every day are also being targeted by these psychological weapons, are against them, and their very lives depend on overcoming our mutual enemies.

Divided we fall. United we stand. We all can discard the lies that are told to deceive us, so we can understand the truth that we are all humanity, and we are under attack by means of deception. An enemy that attacks humanity is an existential threat to all of us, and all we who live are obligated to oppose the destruction of all that is good and worthwhile. Regardless of our differences we are able to stand united against the literal threat to destroy life itself that our enemies are actually committing.

We didn't start this war, but we will win it.



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Dear my honorable senior @valued-customer !
Your arguments are great!
Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of your wonderful claims!

Defamation and insult in S. K

The overlords are intensifying their suppression and censorship of the press.
Anyone who tells the overlord's secrets should go to jail.
In the world I live in, individual freedom and equality are not guaranteed like the United States.
Overlords are suppressing individual freedom of speech.
You can see why people in my world don't talk to foreigners like you.
Because they all became cowards like slaves!

Perhaps the East Asian world will give up democracy and republicanism and become communist like China.


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We are entering a truly dark phase of humanity. Everything is becoming blurred so we all have to stay extra sharp. In addition to the great truth tellers above, here is a link to how to detox yourself from the spike protein. The damage it causes we won't know for a generation.

Thanks very much for posting that resource. I hope folks that need it can find it. I have also recently read that eggs from chickens exposed to illnesses express antibodies to those illnesses, including diseases or sources of spike proteins, which I hope is also of help to people that need it.

Maybe that's why the recent war on chickens and bizarre disavowals of eggs have been so prominent on corporate media.