Been Awhile Since I Last Said Something About the Things I Want to Say

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Not one to shy away from the darkness.  I prefer to bring it to light.  Been an eventful few weeks for me.  Also sat down for the first time this year and produced some new artwork.  You'll get to see it all, for the first time.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Darkness CS6.png

I'll try to keep this short.

Several hours.  More than several.  Who am I kidding.  I lost track of the exact amount of time I spent working on this.

Have you ever noticed how bad news comes in bursts?  It's like a series of events rather than one bad day.

Maybe your life is different but I somehow doubt it.

I attempted to celebrate a birthday near the end of July.  I'm getting old.

About a week before the big day, I found out my second ever girlfriend, someone I once loved, from way back when I was a teenager, passed away.  A fucking drug overdose.  Opiate related.  Probably that goddamn fentanyl.  It's in everything now.

I had seen her once in passing during the span of the two decades we'd drifted apart.  She was a cool chick when I knew her.  Left three young kids behind.  Hearing about this woman leave the world, like that, was heartbreaking.  The world didn't offer me feelings of sadness though.  It's been too long.  Confusion; for an entire day and then some.  These overdoses are becoming far too common.  People need to wake up.  Not go to sleep.

NoNamesLeftToUse - All Sick.png
All Sick

I agreed to have a party.

For my birthday, I typically vanish.  It's never a big deal to me.  This year I decided to crawl out of my hole and spend it with family.  Off to the farm I went.  It's the place I grew up.  Several more friends and family members were destined to arrive later.  I got there early and the first thing I noticed is my dad.  He's limping.

"What's wrong?"

Pulls his pant leg up and shows me a swollen leg.  I knew instantly it was a blood clot.  I told him, "This is an emergency.  Go to the hospital."

A combination of being stubborn, incredibly tough, and the fact I'm not a doctor made him put it off.  I tried my best to convince him, calmly.  No dice.

A few hours later the second opinion arrived.  Both my aunt and one of my cousins work in healthcare.  They looked at it, said the same damn thing I did, and within five minutes my mom was taking him in to get checked.  And yes, they found a blood clot.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Plugged.JPG

Those people showing up to my birthday get together and convincing my dad to get his ass to the hospital was the best fucking birthday gift I ever received.

So he's on his meds, taking it easy but making sure to keep busy.  Walking it off when he can, relaxing when he needs to.  I had spent a few more days on this farm, taking care of a few things.  He comes home, pissed right off at something.

"What's up?"

The man still works part time.  He'll never retire.  Addicted to money.  But he went to go visit his buddies at work; wanted to fill them in.

He told me one guy was smiling ear to ear when he heard about the blood clot.  Can you guess why?

That's right.  My dad took the vaccine.  This world is full of fucking morons who think they know things or know better because they get their information from these charlatans online spewing nonsense about whatever the hell is going on in this world.

I'll be the first to tell you, I have no fucking clue about what's happening.

The last people I'll listen to though are these charlatans posting drivel for views and their minions parroting everything they hear.  That guy was smiling and not only that, he said, "I told you so."

If I would have been there, that guy would not have a face left.

People.  You can have your opinions, any way you want it, since this world only knows either, or.  Coke OR Pepsi.  Up OR down.  Left OR right.  Stretch your hands out to your sides.  Those are the two options you want.  Pick one.  Discard the other.  Now try to fly.  Good luck with that mentality.  Next time use the thing in the middle that you can't see.

Not one human on this planet was born with the thoughts they have in mind when it comes to thinking about what's going on in this world.  Not one.

Placing a thought inside another human's head is so easy, I just did it to you, now.  That's how powerful this media shit is and that's how simple it is to bend and shape the mind.  Take a good, long look.  Even the ones calling themselves 'freethinkers' are all thinking the same way.

I want no part of this.

Society is flopping around, picking sides, pretending to be better than the other, and forgetting what being human is all about.  Too busy attending the media circus, watching the clowns, then emulating their behavior.

Demons being controlled by what they think are angels; on all sides.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Wachoodune.png

Are you people going to watch millions die from a disease, then say to the other side, "I told you so."

Are you people going to watch millions inject themselves then get sick, die; look at the other side and say, "I told you so."

Yes.  People will do that.  We've all seen it.  A lot.  But how many realize how sick that is?

Consuming this bit of media won't cure it.  Not a chance.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"I told you so..."

© 2021 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


How is your Dad now? Thats rough man, I know how you feel when you say if you had been there he wouldn't have had a face left.

I am fucking sick to the back teeth of these morons pushing out their nonsense and backing it up with spurious links to con artists and other idiots and thinking that makes them valid.

It is one crazy world we live in now

He's fine. Or at least he's acting like he's fine. Not limping as bad but that's because the initial injury is healing. Said he fucked his leg up a week before. Then one day he wakes up and it's ballooned. "I'm just holding water" he goes...

But I guess he'd been listening to this guy shoot his mouth off nonstop for the past few months. Egging him on. Trying to make him feel stupid for taking that shot.

The entire media circus is a complete disaster though. I'm convinced if there's ever a major we're all gonna die moment, people will just sit and argue.

The entire media circus is a complete disaster though. I'm convinced if there's ever a major we're all gonna die moment, people will just sit and argue.

They already are... :O)

Thats good about your Dad, stubborn bastards they are. My Dad solidly refused to take the medication that would have saved his life because he couldnt be bothered with all that shite It was a hard one for us to swallow when he fecking died in the end because of it. I genuinely think he thought he knew better. Or just was stubborn to the point of death.

Every hour that ticked by that day, as I was 99% sure what the problem was and how serious things can get, was hell. But I'm the same goddamn way. Have another smoke...

Yeah, I suffers it too. At least he went to the doctor and they diagnosed it. Always a blessing these days when they often send you home with aspirin!

He's on something stronger than that. I had to spend time researching for him. He likes to have one beer, daily, with his brother. He can still do that. Just needs to be careful not to cut himself, because that'll make a mess. So the whole thing didn't ruin his summer. And I get the feeling he thinks a lot now about cherishing moments (even before all this); understands time is more special now. He doesn't want to waste any being laid out. He actually seems happier.

Sometimes a shock hits people like that and it can totally affect them for the better. It can go the opposite way too of course after a while which is something to watch out for but I am glad to hear it.

A daily beer sounds like a thing to cherish. I might do that when I am older instead of the Scottish, must do 6 beers minimum nonsense :OD

Six is still better than none.

"Placing a thought inside another human's head is so easy, I just did it to you, now. That's how powerful this media shit is and that's how simple it is to bend and shape the mind. Take a good, long look. Even the ones calling themselves 'freethinkers' are all thinking the same way." <<<<< OP

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS right here, even in some discords which I rarely if ever frequent this last year it's the same bullshit and groupthink as debate or even being civil at times is not woke enough. WTF does "woke" mean? Last time I checked the people who are so called 'woke' already have sniffed each other out. Great Post and because of my own clottiness I have not had the non lovely FDA approved "vax", now what's gonna happen may or may not make last year look like child's play
time will tell as it always does
may your dad heal up soon, the demon picture is quite accurate all the way down to the yellow eyes and wide wide grin with sharp teeth, that's at least how I shudder to imagine them, anyhow....

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I don't know wtf any of this shit means. It's sports. You're either getting cheered or booed, depending on which stadium you enter. If you don't agree, that means you're something and if you agree that means you're something else. It's all predetermined. Like plays in football. And the playbook is wide open, applied to everything. It's so goddamn predictable, like shitty AI. The game is getting so boring. Everywhere I look I see brainwash, and so many think they're immune, which only means one would be more susceptible, since they let their guard down. Not one human can accurately predict the future. Nobody knows wtf they're doing. Media (all forms are mainstream now, no exceptions) will drag it out though, because high ratings equals profit, plus there's an easily accessible market to tap into. Like political humor. One knows how to get laughs before being funny, provided the correct audience showed up. Shit. I think I'm ranting. Better go back to my hole.

yep, first it was all about MSM now am agreeing with you it's everywhere and therefore I am hardly on, it's always that black and white checkerboard type play in the end with something above (or below) controlling the narrative
ranting is good and healthy, God knows I've done some recently :)

I've written about it before, last year sometime, how even those programmed to mock what they're conditioned to call 'safe spaces' even have 'safe spaces' to mock 'safe spaces', and don't even realize it.

People need to wake up. Not go to sleep.

This is what needs to happen.

Consuming this bit of media won't cure it. Not a chance.

Distraction through consumption keeps most asleep.

Both sides tell each other they're wide awake and the other is asleep. Different, but the same.

Competition - the easiest form of entertainment to organize.

Plenty of money to be made in organized sports.

The satisfaction of being right and the disappointment of being wrong are two primary feelings I want to do away with because they are self-destructing, ruin meaningful conversations and draw us apart.

There is little or no utility in being right or wrong if the issue/problem discussed is unresolved.

Sorry about your dads leg. Wishing him a quick recovery. Cheers!

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He injured his leg. Kept it quiet and played it off like it wasn't that bad.

That injury caused the blood clot. There can still be severe issues but he's expected to recover.

convincing my dad to get his ass to the hospital was the best fucking birthday gift I ever received.

I don't like hospitals and health care systems are broken, but when it comes down to it I want a hospital near my house and I want medical care for my family and myself.

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I'm the same way. My dad's main concern off the start was the fact he'd have to sit and wait.. LOL! They actually got him in pretty fast. My mom beat cancer. I don't buy the 'broken' health care system narrative, but I can understand why it exists.

Sometimes I want to send something more healthy than a !PIZZA.... I'd like to see more community tokens for sending support. I hope I have enough !LUV to send.

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I just chuckled at the thought of someone who's against eating meat being offended over an imaginary pizza token.

@mineopoly, sorry. :(

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@nonameslefttouse! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mineopoly.

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About time someone made a !BROCCOLI token...

What's a guy gotta do to get some turnip token around here...



Man, that's a rough birthday, though. I wish your Dad well and your family peace

There's an insidious parallel pandemic taking place in the world: truth decay

I started working in a drinking water treatment plant and learned within the first week how wilfully ignorant you would have to be to believe that water fluoridation is a type of conspiracy

Not because of anything someone told me, but due to what I experienced first-hand

Ask questions. Be skeptical. Don't trust authority on it's own, look for the facts. Think critically

All valid and important actions that incidentally have nothing to do with latching on to whatever batshit crazy deception you can find on the Internet. It's like the black and white thinking you write about... Tribalism, really. As if reality and our attempts to make sense of it can be neatly cleaved up into opposing sides, and those sides are fighting to the death for.... reasons

I have a stupid little maxim that I live by: withhold forming opinions about things you know nothing about

When you're at that stage, regarding anything, you need to be forming questions instead

A friend of mine was laying out in the sun. Noticed some shiny speckles on her skin. Then noticed it was all over the leaves on the trees near her. Then noticed there was a contrail above her. Then decided to post a video on Facebook blaming the jet for spraying crap all over her yard.

It was tree sap or honeydew...

What! For real?


Woooh! People would not let the world come between them and their 'I told you so' moment.

Sorry bout everything, man, wishing you the best.

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People hate and can't appreciate, because their device said so, and the people 'liked' it. This online world is an interesting arena, but it doesn't quite work like that outside the stadium.

No need to apologize though dude. You sound like a Canadian when you do that (google it)...

Yo! Wtf!!



In Nigeria we say 'sorry' quite a lot too, we Don't call it an apology (except your suffering was our fault), when your suffering isn't our fault we still say sorry but we don't call it an apology, its rather our way to console you.

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Yeah. I've seen some cultures be like, "Say you're sorry! Now!"

You know when you're walking along and cross paths with someone coming from the opposite direction, then do that little side to side dance until you both stop at the same time. Well here most would say, "Sorry," instead of, "Excuse me."

Hahaha 😅, I've also found out that a lot of times we say 'sorry' in Nigeria, Americans say 'Are you Okay?' in the same situation.

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Until I came here, I didn't know English was one of the main languages over there where you are. One time I stumbled into something strange. I wrote this off the top of my head, as gibberish. Out of curiosity, and for shits and giggles, one day I decided to put it into google translate. Mind Blown. Try it. Use 'detect language' convert to english.

Google translator detected 'Hausa', a language spoken in Northern Nigeria. Lol. But it didn't give any meaning though. Hahaha. By the way, I'm from South-Eastern Nigeria, we speak something else there, not Hausa.


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Some of it translates into actual words in English. Something about "online or offline" and "the money isn't good", all kinds of eerie shit (eerie to me because it wasn't supposed to mean anything or be a language), but it all depends on the combination of lines you put in to translate. It used to come up with more translations but maybe Google got 'smarter' or was making an error. I didn't notice that until I tried again recently. Something changed. Still works a little bit though. Anyway, that discovery is how I learned which languages are spoken over there.

Insert your favorite response here for dude who laughed. How's your dad now?

It's gross. It's beginning to weigh on me cuz my wife works with public so I hear things. I'd rather not allow it to weigh on me. She's always respectfully declined after work shit anyway and still would but now blatant avoiding is upsetting her. She won't admit it. If effects me though. Anywho, I'm stopping.

He seems alright but, still dealing with it, of course. Doesn't just go away. Nothing to be smiling about...

And I deleted it, hoping you'd catch it. Didn't want to leave it there though. Kinda nasty.

Shit! Better clean mine up now.

Good to hear Dads ok. good read thanks.

Just finished talking with him. He's got his head in the right place as well. Powerless though, right. Depending on pills to work their magic. Can't do much else but keep on keeping on.

All extremes are bad
Let's not doubt that the covid is here and is killing
Here they said that he would make us better people, but it is a lie, he has brought out the worst in each person, that is the real plague.
You are right, misfortunes do not come alone and there is a saying that there are no two without three.
I hope you don't have the third.
Take care and encourage your dad, he could have happened without the vaccine.
No one is free to get sick, but now it is very easy to say that it was because of that.
Happy day friend
I like your drawings that makes our mind express what we feel

When it rains, it pours. The third was getting extremely pissed off and upset someone was messing with my family. My dad knew it wasn't the vaccine. He got hurt and fits the profile now, at his age. These things happen. In no shape to be getting all stressed out though. I get mad every time I think about it. Glad you liked the art. Spent a lot of time on that.

If I also usually draw anything to stop thinking and I know the work that costs and if you are insecure in your art like me, it seems that it is never perfect haha
encourage and pamper aita (dad)

I went overboard with the final Wachoodune one. Worked on that for days. Had some time off though and I've been itching to get back into it. And I'm not insecure with the art. Got my own style and just go for it.

How lucky I can't find mine haha

There are subjects and outcomes where I might state: told you so. Because I feel sad, how it actually, to me, became a predictable fucked up reality.

And I may give a warning to be on your guard. As I might have noticed how some shit is unfolding that has nothing to do with solving issues. That is also because I do actually care, or so it does feel. Even though you might believe otherwise and that is okay too.

There always will be those who will say 'I told you so', acting horribly rude and being inconsiderate assholes. Like the idiot your Dad unfortunately had to deal with.

You have your take on what is happening in the world that differs from mine, in some ways, I think. And my point of view might be totally wrong, partly off, or right in some ways. Yet, I still try to be carefull to state I own the truth. That would be dumb and far from my personal truth. Also all that is human is known to me, so I do self-reflect and take into consideration how others perceive their reality.

Though I like Pepsi, I also drank Coca Cola, but most of the time I do not drink either. And long ago I thought I was 'left', but it seems I do seem to have opinions that fit the political right wing. But I do not belong to either side, I do my best in being human. Yet, I do know I often fail, hoping to learn from my mistakes. (That even does not work right away though.)

To me it is reflecting my own thoughts like: "If you think the whole world has gone crazy, it might actually be you." And if so then I have to do my best to understand why that is and change my thoughts and effectively my behavior.

To me it is individual AND community, as one cannot excist without the other. To get the balance right between those two is a challenge in and by itself already.

Thank you for your thought triggering publication on this medium. It might not have changed my perception of things currently unfolding and what could come next, but I will surely be very careful using the words 'I told you so'. As there might be other ways to actually create a base for a valuable conversation.

Now I'm off for a bike ride.

Hope your Dad is doing well.

The media, regardless of where it's coming from, cannot function these days without established markets. Some call them 'echo chambers'. There's no money in telling people what they don't want to hear.

I intentionally left out what ignited by dad's health concerns. Some people who don't even know him, his age, his history, what led up this; they've already made up their mind because their mind was made up for them.

I intentionally left out what ignited by dad's health concerns...

That should not even be an issue, sad that some people act like that.

There's no money in telling people what they don't want to hear.

Then nothing really changes I guess.

In his situation with that asshole, his explanation was shot down. I've seen people on Facebook (friends) rubbing it in. I see it here. But it didn't register. Millions put something in their body that they can't get out, while millions are saying, "Haha! You're going to die!" That's why I included the story about my ex as I was trying to process these thoughts. Would you laugh at someone or mock them as they're overdosing... NO. It's really fucked up and it didn't hit home until, it hit home. All these people sitting on the internet are only guessing.

No, I would not laugh, that is fucked up. There are people who are very close to my heart who took the injection(s). Some were 'pushed' a little to do so, because of their job.

A few got ill, only for a couple of days, luckily. In one case in particular I did not think it was funny at all. Still a bit worried, where will it all end.

Worldwide there are people who died after the first or second injection and some became handicapped for life. That is nothing to laugh, nor joke about, it is just very sad.

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Over half of Canada took it. People are aware of the risks. They made a choice and most are fine. I don't discount the fact there have been problems either, but that was expected. Only the tabloids frame it in a way that makes it sound like medicine was trying to hide something. Only when framed politically, adding spin, was it ever said to be perfectly safe. Only when framed politically, adding spin, was it ever said to be fully toxic. People are duping one another with magnets, for views and likes.

The whole thing is nothing to joke about. Nothing to bullshit about either and I see a lot of that. No independent content creator or wannabe journalist is privy to inside information, unless they're looking inside their fridge, because that's about as far as they move in a day.

Feeling too tired to even try and continue this conversation in a way that I think is well balanced. Almost time for me to hit the sack.

Fully agree on: "The whole thing is nothing to joke about."

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People can believe whatever they want to believe. Just don't forget there are others experiencing their lives within the chaos. Not every situation can be treated the same face to face as some do when on the internet rehearsing their usual/predictable talking points. There are two sides, both at times can be overly arrogant and inconsiderate. There are a lot of people on the fence, staying quiet.

It's always darkest before dawn, or something like that. I'm just happy to see you back and doing art. Yes, sometimes life sucks. I've had similar experiences I won't go into.

Several months ago, I cut my cable to avoid the media circus, never liked infotainment, and I take heart in their plummeting ratings. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery and for you, belated birthday greetings and a great year!

I'm also enjoying the fact much of the junk for profit infotainment as you called it is dying out. But that typically means something 'big' will happen again, soon. Then they pounce and spin their narratives round and round.

I've been studying the trend online with talking heads in boxes providing opinions on articles they find. Starting to wonder if that's just for people who can't read or need a bedtime story all day...

In-depth investigative reporting has been gone for so long, it's bound to be new and trendy again. :-)
Probably my favourites are the ones that provided all the links to back up their opinions and encourage their viewers to read them. It's nice they at least assume their viewers can read. lol

It's been a long while since I've come across actual journalism that isn't somehow tied to a side or connected to 'pop' stories.

I know what you mean, as if every single complex issue can have only 2 sides. And then people want to send you all these bad articles and cartoons. I was away last week and off grid, I didn't miss anything. I came back to news that hadn't progressed in that time.

I've been away from it all for months at a time. Same shit, different pile. The interesting 'new discovery' style news still exists, I noticed. Grossly oversimplified though. Made for general audiences. So that's kind of annoying. This is what I'm watching right now. Decent interview at least.

That's very cool.

That's very cool.

Healing thoughts for your pops. My oldest son says I am stubborn like that. Probably why I am still recovering from strokes.

Yeah, your dad's co-worker is one of those peeps that needs a good punch to the throat, and then kick to the nuts for good measure. Not because of his opinion, but just because he is an ass-hat!

Even I'm sitting here looking at my cigarettes a little differently. We're all stubborn.

And you're right about the punch, or maybe at least a solid chop to the throat. That usually helps loosen up the stupidity.

It defintely makes YOU feel better after giving out a good throat punch to a well deserviing turd blossom. 😁

I gave up the smokes for the upteenth time a few weeks ago and ensuring it sticks this time around. Stroke and other health shit finally knocked the stubborn right out of me. Life and Karma has a way of doing that to a person when they think they got it all figured out.

Keep on keeping on, and best to the fam!

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad going through this. No one needs to be telling anyone "I told you so" with smug satisfaction. They really need to clean out their own closets first, so to speak. I see what you see. People picking sides, thinking they know all, on each side of the equation. No matter which "side", it's still a "side" and all the same game, the duality game. The freethinkers are on repeat mode, no different than the other side. I've also heard far too many hateful things from that side that equal the other side. It's insanity no matter where I look.

"I told you so," based on an assumption. An assumption based on rumor. A rumor based on beliefs tied to a set of rules to play by when communicating. Rules unknown to the player on the field yet followed as if they had been programmed in. Programming nearly all in the midst claim only exists on the other side but not theirs. A side they fear to the point of anger and hatred. The confusion comes standard. Everyone is an expert except for the experts. Can't trust anyone unless they agree. Questions are insults. Outsiders are automatic idiots. Obsessing is considered normal. Nobody can walk away from their position without fear of loss.

Seems like a cult.

Assumption, yes. Beliefs lock oneself into box thinking, where anything outside of that box is perceived as a threat. Programming, very much so, right from the beginning.

Expert is best applied in terms of the individual becoming an expert on who they really are. Self-knowledge. Self-awareness. Self-responsibility. Choosing to pay attention to what one is thinking, saying, and doing in the moment. Choosing to select a different path than the "pre-programmed" path. We all have programming that needs to be broken.

Trust is mutable. It does not stay consistently the same, irregardless of the person and/or situation. Listening to one's inner guide, being attuned that way, will light the path as to whom and what to trust. It is discernment of the kind that cuts through external illusions.

Questions have always been an insult. We aren't supposed to ask questions. I recall being told all my life I ask too many questions. Others can perceive questions whatever way they choose, I will still ask questions.

Outsiders are labelled everything under the sun, even the word "outsider" implies an individual to be rejected. The obsessing is evidence of illness, imo.

Fear of loss....we will all lose everything external, including the body when we die. We constantly gain and lose many people and things throughout life. Everything about this world is temporary. People identify too much with the external world, in whatever way, as being their "true self". The thought of losing that is a fundamental fear that must be faced to be overcome, as is the case with fear of anything.

Obsessing and the chanting of catchphrases. That's usually enough of a 'red flag' for me to know to keep my distance. "No justice, no peace" and "plandemic" for instance and in relation to current/recent social justice movements. There's a long list of examples of obsessiveness and chanting. Not one cult member ever knew they were in a cult.

This is very revealing behaviour and most definitely a red flag. You're quite right, cult members are unaware that they are part of a cult.

Obsessing and the chanting of catchphrases.

I'm not a believer in this "social justice" movement, from the first I heard of it several years back and thought, "What is that exactly?".

I think it's another catchphrase, which is why I used italics. As I'm studying/observing, removing/dismantling the layers or 'sides' these groups depend on, viewing them as one; same tactics are used in every case. Boiled down, every time, it's 'good vs evil'. Every single cult, ever, requires that element. Another red flag is the complete absence of self-criticism in relation to and within the groups. They often present themselves as the ones questioning an authority, as if speaking to 'the other side' as a warning, yet the message, by design, stays within the walls, creating the illusion of heroes to look up to.

I agree, it is another catchphrase. Everything you've said here is right on point. I've been observing the same things and keeping my distance accordingly.

People have been quiet about these issues. I feel confident majority of the population isn't involved; stays out of it. When a camera points and focuses on a crowd, that thing looks huge. I picked up on something odd yesterday while watching the Riders play. Sizeable crowd. Crowd shots focused on people wearing masks but most weren't covered. So that was a bit odd, but they didn't completely leave out the reality. And I don't know if you watch sports but it was really strange to see politics applied to sports this past year and a bit. Every little market is becoming infected. Are they simply following trends in order to appease and maintain their audience... or what? It's so eerie sometimes.

I am happy that your dad is getting better. I agree about people trying to get views by declaring illogical statements and getting away with it, most of the time. Take care.

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I'm seeing more and more of the same bad attitude lately. It's puzzling. Not sure how to approach it. It's encouraging to know I'm not alone with these thoughts.

Yep, people are fundamentally fucked and honestly, sometimes I wanna slap everyone and everything.

The worst part is that no one even notice how disgusting we became. Media isn't helping either, deviding us on every possible front hahaha and no one even cares... Jeez bro, I would have slapped that mf, even if I had to go to the jail.

On the other hand, surround yourself with people who are decent, and boom don't give a shit about what other have to say.

Hope your dad's gonna be fine ✌️💪

It does get to the point. Seeing it on the net is one thing but when it hits home; that changes everything. Do people really forget they're not hiding behind a screen while talking shit nowadays? Have they become their online persona...

Sure seems like it.

Hi @nonameslefttouse ,the media inform and misinform, my way of thinking is: people who inject do it for some reason, there is no randomness in this world, everything has a reason for being, so if they make a decision they take the risks, it is like having a gun in hand, everyone can have it, but the balls to shoot only have some.
Hey, happy birthday, albeit a bit traumatic for your second girlfriend and your dad's problem, but it was your birthday.

That's how I'm looking at it though I do factor in chaos. Some will shoot themselves in the foot. Most will just make a decision. No need to drag this out forever.

Well I'm sorry to hear about your ex, and your dad, and that asshole your dad had to interact with. What a mess. Hope your dad recovers quickly.

Whachoodune is pretty rad. I like the figure with the horns for hands.

Most of this bad news is just life being life. But I noticed life introduced a new kind of asshole. I'm noticing it's hard to even talk about it. Folks have been thinking a certain way for a long time now; on both sides. It's not helping.

A lot of my cartoon characters have that figure somehow implanted on their face. The meaning is significant. It's like a parasite that takes over the host. Much like info on the internet.

I have of course noticed many of your face figures. But I don't recall hearing the meaning explained before, so thanks for that. A very interesting and creative message to send, via art.

Life did indeed introduce a new asshole these past couple years. I know many people on both extreme sides of the argument. I have my own personal views and opinions, but I always try to respect the views and opinions of those who disagree with me on that topic. I'm finding that it builds character when you allow yourself to coexist with those you disagree with, instead of just smashing them into pieces and walking away.


I think I've hinted at what it all means but never got into details with the entire crowd. It just comes up in comments from time to time. Even those pieces where I jam all kinds of faces into something that looks like a mess is usually just me pointing out how screwed up society is becoming, without saying it. I have several that follow that theme as well. I get criticized for the dark nature of my work at times but to me it represents honesty.

I don't shy away from the views that don't make sense to me. Because that's everything. I observe. Then try my hardest to not insult people, even though the simple act of asking a question can be insulting these days, to some.

Well, although it's great to get an update on you and some insight into what's been going on in your life... sorry to hear it may have been a fairly heavy and dark. I appreciate you writing this piece and especially:

You can have your opinions, any way you want it, since this world only knows either, or. Coke OR Pepsi. Up OR down. Left OR right. Stretch your hands out to your sides. Those are the two options you want. Pick one. Discard the other. Now try to fly. Good luck with that mentality. Next time use the thing in the middle that you can't see.

I couldn't agree more and do my best to avoid such polarization.

Anyway, wishing you as great a day as possible. 🙏

I think it's hard for some to understand the 'outsider looking in' perspective. A challenge to navigate. I'm frustrated with both sides, as one.

Possibly, yes. If so, I'd wonder why. I'm easily able to understand an 'outsider looking in' perspective. It doesn't appear to be an incredibly difficult mental or emotional exercise. I could likely teach a child to do it. So then... why would it be difficult for others? Food for thought.

Regardless, I'm of a similar mind regarding both sides, lol. 🙏

For some it's a gimmick and their livelihood depends on holding their position. Friendships are on the line as well. Image, reputation. Holy shit, dude. It's a trap!

lol, yep, all that and more I'd say. But then it's less like they 'cant' understand it, and more like they prioritize image, rep, creature-comforts etc. over understanding. Heheh. 🙏

Certainly can't cover it all in a few lines. I get it. You get it. Good enough. Have a nice day.

100%. And wishing you the same.🙏

Hope your dad is doing better!

Seems to be doing fine.

As for myself, I am staying away from the graphene oxide injection they call a vaccine. I feel it is a one two punch of depopulation. It is strange when you read about an old girlfriend passing. I have experienced the same. Wishing you the best.

You're free to think and fear whatever you want to think and fear. Just know the way some of the information if framed then presented can now create a lot of inner turmoil for some. That part isn't helping. I feel like a fool for pointing it out but I don't care.

Stretch your hands out to your sides. Those are the two options you want. Pick one. Discard the other. Now try to fly. Good luck with that mentality.
Society is flopping around, picking sides, pretending to be better than the other, and forgetting what being human is all about.

This whole post is superb, but those two things jumped out at me. Excellent thoughts! KUDOS for this! 💜

I've been saying that first bit for years. One of my first posts here back in 2016 was a boring essay saying almost the same things. That mentality has only gotten 10x more severe since then. Half the world thinks the other half is stupid and should die for it. Happy to see them go even though they don't know if they're going. This is insane.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear morecherrieslefttopick, happy birthday to you. You got lucky I only had to write and not sing this to you lol.

I hope your dad is ok, that thing with the blood clot is quite common for those who had the shot. It is so absurd how people accept to be injected with this, I can't and won't bother to understand. I do hope you are staying away from it, you're way too smart to get manipulated into stuff like this. And you are getting smarter and smarter becausee...

Mwahahaaha lol

I am sorry to hear about the death of your ex girlfriend. No matter what happened, it is sad to hear about a death caused by addiction and overdose. Terribly sad. Life is such a precious gift, every moment is a blessing really. I hope you eat the cake, I worked a lot googling and downloading it:)))

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

But I have to point out, as I've done already in the comments. It wasn't the shot that caused the clot. People just think that's what it is. I left out the whole story to make a point. He hurt himself; it became the perfect storm. Apparently covid itself can even cause blood clots. The information is a lost cause now though. The media fucked it up. Nobody knows what's going on. Anyone claiming they do is full of shit. That's my position. People pick a side, and roll with it. I don't make too many friends these days...

And it's worth mentioning. I've been staying away from the entire world, for the most part, since early last year. Just didn't want any part of it. It was ridiculous right from the start. People thought they ran out of toilet paper and made jokes about people hoarding toilet paper. They didn't understand you can only fit four large units on one shelf. The back only has enough room to for a few pallets. It's too bulky for most distribution centers to even be able to keep a lot on hand. People saw the memes, read the headlines, but did not think. Total shit show ever since.

When things get shitty, you get the toilet paper lol. Here in Romania it was exactly the same. Food and toilet paper. mania. It is like the ultimate bucket list for apocalyptic times. People act weird in conditions of high stress and pressure. Somehow I believe this can be a blessing too as is was a kind of a fast forward in regards to human behavior. People show their true colors when they are in survival mode. Many relationships crumbled and divorces multiplied. I think this is a big test for the brains of the people. But we saw people going through wars and genocide and they came out much more sane, although with trauma, than those running after toilet paper. Are people becoming less resilient and more prone to mental breakdown? If it is so, mental issues will be the real problem of the upcoming decades. Running after food and shit paper while the brain is dying. Truly scary as we have to live in communities .

In society today, it seems like the ones creating or maintaining rumors like a supply shortage are also the ones out in the parking lot or online selling those items at a higher price. It's strange people will pay money just to be manipulated and robbed. That's how it's always been though. People make money selling fear.

If shit ever truly hit the fan, we'd all notice right away. There'd be very little information though. You'd be placed directly in it and finding answers would be the least of your worries. The manipulative types; whether they're being aggressive or playing on your heartstrings would most likely be the first to be wiped out. The world would learn fast nobody can be trusted.

Very nice post and very real life situations, which you were willing to share. I hope your dad recovers nicely, and his friends sound like they unfortunate human beings best avoided.

Most of his friends I've met are great people. I've not met the asshole from the jobsite.

It's been weird times lately, I can't decide if I'm the one going crazy and not believing what's going on or if the rest of the world is, probably a bit of both. I miss the times when misinformation would quickly get smashed by a small number of onlookers, nowadays it's all endless arguments with unreliable sources being used to back up each claim while everyone knows how to use "the machine" to deceive others that what they're saying is something the majority agree on. The machine, a.k.a. social points behind private databases that are prone to manipulation through clickfarms and socks. When are we going to get a more robust reputation tool? Feels like ever since the Russian social media hacks to manipulate the election everyone has become a little hacker of their own while the centralized platforms have no way of doing anything about it even though it's happening in their own back yard they very well have full control over, but instead they go after people they don't like or are saying things that go against what they stand for or to kill any possible competition that may get in the way of their profits or future control.

Feels a lot more like anything is fair game these days, like the people who'd usually make disinformation or other cyber activity that's harmful go away are years behind and just ignoring the most because they just don't have the manpower. Maybe this was inevitable and the only way to survive now is knowing who to trust and making sure you don't trust the wrong people's opinions as anything you may think you know from certain sources may lead you to believe something else to be false because of the first wrong step you've already taken. Maybe this is the internet age of Darwinism.

Hope your dad's okay and happy belated birthday!

PS! I like the mew/mewtwo looking character on his forehead.

It's all so fucking hard to navigate. Even some of these terms the internet uses like 'influencer' and 'follower' makes everything look like a cult. Every little thing has a cult following and outsiders are forced out by these 'machines' working underground, or the 'enforcers' that hang around the comments. Even I could 'pick a side' on any topic, follow the script, and this comment section would be jammed with approval ratings that all sound eerily similar. Could do it on any platform and predict the results beforehand, provided there's enough of a foundation to stand on. I did an experiment on Youtube with two devices, new accounts that are in no way tied to each other. You pick one video that's somehow politically charged and that'll set the tone for the rest of your experience. And you never see disapproval making the top comment which is strange considering in theory, there should be several different mindsets and millions of potential consumers weighing in on any given topic. The only happens when society has somehow managed to agree whomever is speaking is not worthy of a platform. When that happens, even the most hateful reactions are fair game somehow. Playmatetessi was a case I studied recently from start to finish in that regard. Just one young chick with a terrible attitude and maybe some mental issues said the wrong thing and the internet blew up. Yet there are people out there who say far worse, guide even millions people off a cliff, don't care, and get away with it. Random people volunteer to basically work for any government, corporation, 'elite', they agree with, in a sense, on all sides, and don't realize it.

P.S. That character almost became my first NFT but I got to the whitelisting portion and turned around. I hate red tape.

@juliakponsford can we get him instant whitelist plz :D

Don't I have to fill out a form first? I saw "twitter verification" and needing to present a "portfolio" of sorts. I don't have these 'professional' things. I just do whatever. A name, first and last? I don't have one of those. They used them all.

We don't need any real names, feel free to dm me on beechat :D

I shall do that then, this week or next. Are you talking about the PeakD chat thing or is there another one somehow somewhere?

yeah the beechat is on peakd, nftshowroom and maybe a few other interfaces :)

Perfect, thanks. It's on my list of shit to do now.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks or, should I meow?

Oh, am just lost in the middle of nowhere, who's gonna to help this young man crawling out of the comfort zone, oh my head hurts and I think I will be fine.

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Hope your father is well. One thought of your story broke my night sleep. The result is this. Sorry if I did something wrong.