We’re Being Divided

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I may not know what’s really going on behind the scenes regarding government policy, pharmaceutical business strategies and intentions, deep intricacies of the human health immune system, and the like, but I do notice this:

We are being effectively divided.

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So many people are angry and afraid. Many are deeply emotional and acting irrational. I see strong judgements delivered in some cases with vitriol and disdain. I see people clinging to their biases and their viewpoints which are more often than not just a regurgitation of their tribal norms. Opposing views are for “outsiders” who are “wrong.”

It’s ridiculous.

People fear what they don’t understand and it’s safe to say most people do not understand:

  1. the complexities of the human immune system
  2. the competing influences in government policy making that are trying to help (or at least create the appearance of helping) while having no solution for unintended consequences of billions of dollars created from nothing thrown at a public health problem
  3. the competing influences within a giant pharmaceutical company required by law to make a profit for its shareholders and, inevitably, including some people who do actually care about public health and are willing to take huge risks to develop safe, life-saving drugs and treatments.

These are just a couple examples off the top of my head. You can probably think of several more if you allow yourself to see past your biases to the nuanced complexity of the real world. There’s a lot we don’t understand. Lashing out at others who think differently than us is not helpful. It shows our lack of confidence, as does being triggered.

“The triggers are the guides. If it hurts its because its true or because you fear its true. Never pretend otherwise.”

Are you triggered?

Good. Celebrate that. Internalize it. Use it to find your own insecurities, fears, doubts, avoidance, and immaturity. If people were truly more confident about this stuff becuase they actually understood the full complexity of what’s going on with all its nuance and multidimensional layers, I don’t think there would be so much drama in how people are treating each other over this.

Let peace reign. Peace in your heart and mind. If it’s time to surrender your views and open your mind to that which you currently disagree, then surrender. If it’s time to fight, do so with quiet confidence that allows as many people who do not want your war to remain outside it without becoming collateral damage.

It’s not our job to wake anyone up but ourselves. It’s not our job to convince anyone of anything.

All we can have direct influence over is how we ourselves respond to the world we experience and by doing so being an example and input data for someone else to evaluate on their own.

I choose to respond better every day through my will and intention and love. Join me.


All of this is really hard. I don't think it is possible for anyone to understand the full complexity of all that's going on... plus understand all the things they need to live their life fully. I definitely try and open my mind to the views that I disagree with, so that I can either change my mind or understand the opposing argument better to communicate more effectively... but it's hard, and frustrating and often feels like everyone is shouting into the void and no one is listening.

So many people feel like the current systems aren't working and it might be better to burn it to the ground and start over... and I don't disagree... but I also don't see how that's possible. I think our only hope is iterative change and developing undeniably better systems for people.

but if we haven't learned about how our minds work, whatever we destroy and try to rebuild will have the seeds of destruction within it again

Agreed. I think the whole world is completely capable of a reboot. But it keeps trying to reboot it from the OUTSIDE in. The phrase "change comes from within" is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Understanding how the mind ACTUALLY works is absolutely key. If people knew this, we would not have so much chaos and pandemonium. We just wouldn't. People would know that their world is indeed under their own sovereign control.

And if we begin to create something with a mentality of fear, it will create a thing of fear and chaos.

well said :)

That's an incredibly good point... and we have to temper that with so many systems that have evolved into something weird that we never would have started with had we had the opportunity to start over.

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witnesses can be pressured with medical guilt. i bet most witnesses took tehg vaxx and will have no problem ssacrificing anyone against the vaxx as crazies who are "holding us all back" from that big satan money lol

I don't think it actually works like that. Once you post to the blockchain, it's there forever... the witnesses can't do anything about it. Obviously the different front ends can choose not to display your content, but it will always be there on https://hiveblocks.com/ at the very least.

Hitting the nail square on the head with this one! I even feel much of crypto is getting pulled into the old way of thinking, while many miss the true potential of blockchain technology.
We need an exist strategy from the old system, which then will allow us to wage our own economic warfare on the old system, and we are the source of the old system’s power, so it works twofold.

I really, really believe that people like @lukestokes and @leofinance understand the exit strategy. It's a state of mind. And many people do indeed possess it and are working together.

I am with you. If we respond honestly as ourselves, we show others that they DO have a choice. They the CAN choose to be unafraid. They CAN choose to not be slaves. We show them that we are free, and that they can be too. It's so simple.

Not only CAN we, but MUST we. It basically is the only way out of it. Under any circumstance. It's not just a state of mind, but a state of being. It's like, people think "Oh I'll just be grateful and try to focus on the positive and at least I'll kind of FEEL better while shit hits the fan." But it's more than that. Gratitude and ignoring the bad actually turns the gears in a different direction totally and gives people their power back. They don't TEACH that formula in churches, schools, hospitals, or even homes anymore. But it is the single most important distinction between those who find stability and success and those who do not.

In true freedom, there are no musts. I live as I want to, and allow others to do the same. If they want to stay indoors, fearful of breathing, let them. If they define health as injection of toxins into their flesh, so be it. Nature will make the corrections. I live my life as I want to, and thereby give others a chance to rethink how they are living theirs.

Unfortunately, when the SHTF, those of us who live free will be blamed, already are being blamed. But we will prevail. Age of Aquarius and all that. I feel hopeful, and very much alive.

What I meant was, in order to be truly free, one must choose to be unafraid.

Yes, absolutely. I like that.

Thank you for these words of sanity! It amazes me as well how emotional people react to this. It seems that almost everybody's social network I know had been affected by this. Friends, family, colleagues etc. have become divided about this topic. But I think this is also where the solution lies. Shine light on these divides by talking about them, exploring the thoughts and emotions that are attached to them. If people can do this (and it is a big if, for many people have forgotten the art of listening without preconceived judgment), it will bring about healing that our society so desperately needs.

nekrophile science will overrun you

for science there is only external

but the speciality of humans is that they are inside & outside at the same time.
you can look at ur hands, but are also in ur hands.

they try to eliminate the inside.

no place for souls.

You sound a little bit like Alan Watts in this lecture:

I will listen to it! :)
But I was never really hooked on Alan Watts..
I like really old philosophers

Which ones do you like best? What about Neville Goddard? You heard of him? He's not technically a "philosopher" as much as he is the gold standard on the law of assumption.

Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Erich Fromm, but also old Taoism, Stoicism and also every modern soul who gets the philosophy of the aether or at least quantum mechanics instead of just quantum theory or even dead/ nekrophile science

but I dont really have that one favorite philosopher.. it's a living and developing space

will look into Neville Goddard's thoughts but on the first sight he seems to go too much into the new age space for me..

My understanding is, those first four philosophers contemplate more the subject of morality, than the subject of metaphysics. Am I wrong? Although Nietzsche was super into metaphysics. Or quantum mechanics, as you put it.

I LOOOOOVE quantum mechanics. I'm such a nutso about it. And my FAVORITE is when "nekrophile" science proves it. My two favorite experiments of all time, for this reason, are the double slit experiment, and the muon decay experiment.

Both of these suggest that particles are only what we believe them to be, and become only what we think they are (3D objects with 3D properties) because we observe them from a 3D perspective.

This gets into my newfound passion in Law of Assumption. Goethe was similar - “If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is." Goddard takes it a step further and basically says that if you treat (and imagine) an individual as you would like to see them, they will become so. As they are an extension of you.

It's not new age. It's very much quantum mechanics. He was quantum king.

yeah, quantum mechanics is not bad cuz of real methodical experiments instead of dead models. I especially like the quantum eraser delayed choice experiment
..still I think the aether (weltseele/ worldsoul) is still better..
we live in an alive world (and kosmos).. aether..

so.. no, they didnt only focus on morality.. but also not on metaphysics.. they focused on (alive) life.. therefore everything.. and often were pushed out of science/philosophy into "only poetry" (especially goethe)

it's hard to explain it in our materialistic and modern world..

but I want to also mention, that nicola tesla also "believed" in the aether and based all his invention on his understanding of the aether..
without that, we couldnt communicate right now. :)

do you know giordano bruno?

hey @edicted i was banned in @leofinance i dunno why probly because they hate anyone resisting the fake vaccine going around oh well

but i wanted to say about your post on Keychain and the hive pump:

Maybe one day some smart peopel in hive will do some social engineering and get ahold of yahoo and get them to start using hive for their forums

That's unfortunate.

Personally I think it's a really bad idea to even allow blocking people from tribes.
It really shows how centralized HiveEngine is; it's a really bad look imo.

@tipu curate

It’s not our job to wake anyone up but ourselves. It’s not our job to convince anyone of anything.

Are you sure? I am not convinced. 🤡

So true! Most people haven't even heard of the microbiota and are dependent of pharmaceuticals. I think the division of which you are writing is highly disturbing. I mean families are growing apart because the narrative deems people as un-solidary or disloyal.

It is disturbing, but he also wrote of how to unify and overcome. Not sure if you caught that. It was at the end.

What is this microbiota you are speaking of???

Very nicely phrased. The fear is so common amongst many because they don't understand how our immune system functions. A lack of beneficial bacteria or an imbalance in bacterial metabolic activity can cause dybiosis. As well as sterilizing everything isn't the answer. I think if the human microbiome would be understood by more people, they wouldn't have such fears. Thank you for elucidating the division and how to overcome it.

Fear itself is a great immune killer as well.

Total garbage like all you ever have to say. Worthless dribble!

I see a lot of evidence of division as well. Politically, socially, socioeconomically, spiritually, intellectually, academically, and otherwise.

However, I can't help but wonder -- If a person is unified inside, and stable inside, and at one and at peace with who THEY are, and what THEY can create from within, their experience with the rest of the world tends to be one of peace and harmony. No matter the circumstances. I tend to believe that when we ignore the circumstances, and submerge our minds and thoughts with what we WANT as opposed to what we HATE and FEAR, then our realities will slowly shift around us to present that truth.

It’s not our job to wake anyone up but ourselves. It’s not our job to convince anyone of anything.

All we can have direct influence over is how we ourselves respond to the world we experience and by doing so being an example and input data for someone else to evaluate on their own.

I choose to respond better every day through my will and intention and love. Join me.



We are divided, and a divided house will more easily fall.
We are easily triggered and inflicting pain and harm on each other, over things which the majority of us are not responsible for…

…but instead of working together towards a solution, we are fighting each other.

Because I think your right: we are withdrawing into tribes.

Ironically, many, if not most of us are becoming intolerant of different viewpoints of both the cause and solutions. Which has always been a strength in problem solving, to get all possible viewpoints on a problem, so you can visualize it completely.

Instead we are like blind men/women locked in a concrete cell, being kicked to death by an elephant, arguing over whether the animal killing us has two legs or four, teeth or tusks, whether the business end of it is an anus or a mouth, and oblivious to the fact that each of us is touching only the portion of the elephant directly in front of us. So we all have an incomplete pictures of the size and nature of the beast.

Unless we come together, this is going to continue to be a long, losing fight, with much death, suffering and unnecessary misery.