Crazy weird times...

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I think i can speak for everyone when I say that it has been a weird last few years. From the insanity brought on by COVID, having to spend months inside our houses, people approached by police for walking outside, masks on our faces as if the air was not fit for breathing, life saving vaccinations to cure the world... It very much felt like we were in some kind of a dystopian future film.


10 years ago, "The Varus" decimated humanity. This is the story about those that dared to live!

Then we had the race riots that thankfully didnt spread much across the pond to Europe. And Culture wars between the left and the right that unfortunately did spread to Europe.

Everyone was kneeling. They kneeled for the American flag, they kneeled for the gays and the other whatnots, they kneeled for Lewis Hamilton because he had it bad. White people were kneeling before random black people on the street asking them to forgive their skin color.


But none of them thought of putting on blackface to walk a mile in the black mans shoes. Only true heros like Trudeau were empathetic enough to do so.
So many took to their knees that Bill Clinton was starting to get flashbacks from his days in office.


The sassy orange man was replaced as the leader of the free world by a dried up raisin. The Redhats were not happy about that and yelled FRAUD while storming the capitol building. It was a sad sight seeing so much innocent paper being thrown around and people running through halls through which only a mild strut is seen as courteous.


The left was not having it so they deliberated for a while and came up with a brilliant idea. They were going to mess with the rightwingers! They were going to start calling men women, and women men. And they would start messing with the language as well. Where before when talking about 1 person you would refer to them as he/she... now you could refer to 1 person as if theres 50 of them.
It was the best practical joke ever.


Looking to the east, at the same time, a short, penis shaped man was seeing how much everyone in the west was having fun without him so he decided to change that. So he invaded his neighbor that didnt want to play with him and started murdering everyone in sight threatening:

If no one wants to play with me then no one will ever play again!

A crazy dude, that short, penis shaped lad.


And there you have it. Its been a weird time, there was no penalty for Argentina and crypto will be back with you shortly, im sure of it. 😉



loved the penis hat, that thing is super meme-able :))

Dude that made the statue put eggs in front for people to throw at the penis shaped lad.
Its a whole thing apparently.

that's awesome :)

White people were kneeling before random black people on the street asking them to forgive their skin color.

Lol what the hell, never heard of this.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's getting too much better soon 😂

I think some even washed their feet. You can find the video of the screenshot.
People are fucking nuts. 😂
There was an award show at the time where Kimmel basically had a black dick in his mouth the whole time.
Nothing against black dicks but its hard to host an award show when you have a speech impediment.

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I wonder where that guy on the left got that skin from. Probably a limited editions during presale or the launch maybe?

He was the most famous crazy guy in the world until Kanye started putting a sock on his head.

Lol! Didn't Kanye had to exchange his sock for a bedsheet cover with some holes in it due to his face ballooning up?

Lol. Maybe he had to wash that one sock he had left over from Kim.

we must be positive

Oh, yeah! That was a really crazy year or two...

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