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Woeful story full of jibes and fun, decomposing cat gas as an accent description had me on the floor. Yup times like these one has to cheer a friend up, sadly he did not take your advice.

Never go take that last look, remember those who went before you in the memories you have, who want to remember a stiff? Weeel that's mayhap just me!

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I am totally with you there. Remember them as they are and not as that cold lump that they put out on display for you. I am glad its not just me!


No... not just you, thank my Mom she kept us far away from that, always said have a dance and a dram, do the Highland Fling around the room but not open caskets... Yeah I have avoided that all my life!


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That is the way to do. The celebrating and the joy of remembering a life well lived. I will never do an open casket thing again if I get the chance. Avoid avoid avoid!! :OD

!BEER - I think I still have some!

Never argue that one! Avoid, avoid, avoided.... 🙃

I will go so far as to say RUN AWAY!!!!!!! ....

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...