I Dedicate this Important Day to Her

in #life3 years ago

Thankful to have a very supportive mother in everything I do. We started from scratch and we're starting to realize the things we are praying. We're not a well off family and we've been struggling to live life daily. I never saw her complain how hard life was and was the foundation of my motivation to live life to the fullest daily.

My birthday was dedicated to the people who were influential to my life and she means to me. I'm always thankful for bringing me to the world.


Yaaaay happy birthday lodi! Your mom is so lucky to have you. And I know you're more than lucky to have her pud.

Glad to know that you are slowly realizing the life you've been dreaming for you and for your fam.

Happy Happy Birthday! @jassennessaj Good boy gi blog gyud imo Mom.

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