I have the same awful commute. I quite like it!

I hope it shows her but I also hope it doesn't backfire with me having to buy all manner of novelty crypto!


Well.... .buying a bunch of different ones while they only cost dirt, would kind of being like buying a lottery ticket. Most will never be anything, but who knows, one day, one of them might be a winner !

That kind of sounds like everyone should do it....right ?? LOL

It kinda sounds like... Financial Advice!!!!


If anyone takes any financial advice off of anything I say, they will go broke. That's my disclaimer.

I thought it sounded more like gambling advice.

You realise that if that becomes your disclaimer everyone who reads it will instantly assume it is legitimate get rich advice. We will all be doomed!!

More so if it's gambling!

That would be my luck. I wouldn't take my own advice and everyone would get rich except ME !

D'OH !!!

Thats how it always feels in Crypto!