Summer: How it was. Autumn. Winter is coming.

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Hello friends! Long time no see! I really missed the hive, but there was a lot of work and the days flew by.

We mainly played music in the street and participated in various concerts.

Street playing

At the Ukrainian protest

At the Ukrainian protest

During this summer we managed to visit Greece (Thessaloniki) and the mountains of Bulgaria.


We couldn't travel much because I had to work hard to earn my living in a foreign country (we ran away from the war in Ukraine to Bulgaria).

My wife Tatyana also played at a major jazz festival.

Jazz Fest

All in all, it was a great summer! True, I had a certain streak of bad luck. I do not know what it is connected with. I gave all the best and played with soul, but apparently I have yet to solve this riddle. But I also have an achievement: I began to write and perform my own music on the street!

Now I understand that I need to prepare for winter. And the sooner we start doing this, the better.

Recent events in the world indicate that winter can be harsh and unpredictable. Perhaps everything will be fine, perhaps not very well, to the point of lack of heat, energy and food.

That is, we must accumulate finances and resources.

We must do our best not to play outside in winter. That is, to develop connections to play indoors and get decent money for it.

It is also necessary to provide for the option of what to do if restaurants are closed again and people are forbidden to go out.

Therefore, now I am rapidly developing my channel with original tracks.
And music store:

I hope that track sales and advertising revenue will grow and I will get a good income from this. In general, to develop remote income in different areas is today's necessity.

I also plan to write music for films and distribute it on an inexpensive subscription.

Tatyana will also develop her YouTube channel. Here, look:

And of course the hive! Hive will save the world! And the Rising Star game!)) Haha!

We are also on a juice fast. For the eighth day we drink only juices. We cleanse the body and learn to eat properly and little. I will make separate post about this)

How are you dear friends @castleberry, @j85063, @sketch.and.jam, @mipiano, @victorbz ? How is summer? What do you think about winter?

And last summers day photo:



Beautiful clicks !

Hey friend. Glad to hear from you and to know that you're ok and living now on the safe side of this world.
the summer is gone, but still very hot here - it was 34C today, so I walked much less this summer, just worked like a house, and tried to stay more in the night events when the air is fresher and less hot.
Hope that you will build your Youtube channel for the nice incoming

Awesome shots! Winter is definitely on the way here in Sweden. Summer was short-lived! Glad to see you back.

Yay! 🤗
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Good to hear from you again and now you both are doing well under the circumstances. I hope you both manage to make enough to get through this winter. I am well thanks and doing a little travelling in my van during winter now into spring in Australia.

Wow! Van travel! Can you show how it looks inside the van? And what van you have? You just take photos with old cars on your page)

We also looking now for a van or camper. Here in Bulgaria can find for example this for ~$7000


I will have to try and get a photo of the van tomorrow. That camper looks good for $7000 I hope you find a suitable van/camper.

And the good option is installed solars. Almost independent) Yes, water is a little bit problem, but I think in any auto washing we can take water almost for free.

Solar is very good to have I have it with a lithium battery.