Big bundle of updates for me

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Hi everyone, since it's been a while, wanted to give a few updates about what has been going on in my world.

I've been in Taiwan for quite a while now, in one of the few places still keeping a solid lid on Covid. And you wouldn't know about it either since nobody seems to be covering how well Taiwan is doing in this regard. Yes, everything is very normal, nothing is locked down, and people just wear masks. With strict quarantine rules and enforcement, comprehensive contract tracing and general compliance with masking rules, and with rising vaccination rates, there are several layers of defense against the spread of covid. I think I'll stay here for a bit longer. Oddly, I've been here so long and am only now starting to meet new people (any hive folks here?), which has been interesting. Also taking care of our new baby girl which is exhausting and wonderful.

The hive life for me has mostly been focused on maintenance of Hive Engine. It's been a bit of a bumpy ride but there are quite a few infrastructure improvements:

  • Many fixes improving hive engine node consensus, tools to detect divergence quickly, various contract bug fixes (imagine putting out such a fire with a crying baby in one hand haha)
  • Having to spin up a new comments contract indexer when the entire machine just disappeared without warning (FUN....... at least now we have two of these running)
  • New fixes and features in the comments contract such as disabling downvotes, muting, an "app beneficiary tax" (changes in review), tag exclusion (changes in review)
  • Changes to hive engine account history that will plug in gaps on token and nft transfer reporting (changes in review)

I think there's a lot more but that's all I'll list for now. Things have been pretty stable lately which is good, thank goodness and knock on wood.

I did end up getting a single hive punk which I put on the market for a ridiculous price.

Oh, and I've been dabbling in Splinterlands now, jumping in on a few chaos legion packs, and it's all quite fun, helpful also that I held onto cards from long ago. Lets me consistently get to Gold III by end of a season. There's been so many improvements to the game also, and have been finding it pretty fun to play as well.

So .... How are you all? Happy holidays as well! I missing any new hive-y things?


I love hearing good news and with Hive the news just keeps getting better and better.

Atm, I'm gearing up to start my journey into Splinterlands, so I have no idea what I'm in for, but I'm very excited to find out.

Good luck! It's certainly an interesting experience

The biggest hive-y thing coming up is the SPK Network airdrop and the Ragnorak game, both on January 6th. Seems people are holding their HIVE for this airdrop snapshot which may be contributing to its rally.

Splinterlands is always fun! We're looking forward to new things this year, like land! Good luck in all your battles. :)

Thanks for the info, will check that out. I'm still in the fence on the land too, been seeing if I can get a good entry point to get a good price on a plot haha....

Oh wow, you had a daugther? How is Opal doing :-)

Yup! Opal is doing okay as well. Cold though

congrats to the baby man, you do great on HE I can see how things can get a bit busy for you, stay blessed

yeah kids can be a sudden LOAD on your life but it's really eye opening about the things you should care about and be responsible for! happy christmas!

For sure! Merry Christmas to you as well!

So that's why you reply similar to my timezone... now I get it. 🤣

By the way, huge thanks for the cooperation. Enjoying and learning with it a lot.

And congrats on the little one. I only have more than 2 and less than 5... boys!

Yeah no problem! Waking up at all odd hours 😅

I am in Taipei and some more in this city too. @stoodkev in Tainan. probably some more new guys but I am not aware of. which city do you stay in?

I'm in Banciao, so Taipei is fairly accessible.

Banciao is generally considered Taipei as well. 😁 Let me know if you need anything - info, guidance, baby info (proud daddy of an nine years old boy) etc or just a cup of coffee. ☕😎

That's very kind of you, I will reach out on discord. Are you still using that?

yeah sure. 😀

I love to see people showing their punks and playing Splinterlands!
Anyway really nice one with love eyes <3

Yup! I wonder if love eyes are popular

I am also in Taiwan, and the temperature has been low recently, so keep warm.
Have a !PIZZA

Yes, same to you!

Also taking care of our new baby girl which is exhausting and wonderful.

Congraluations! That's lovely news.

I'm not in Taiwan and am new to Hive. From what I read, it looks like you're one of the developers for the Hive Engine? Is this right? If yes, what coding language are you using, C++, Java,...?

I'm well and the family is doing great! We had a great Christmas. The kids got all they wanted and I got all the debt LOL! Naw, it's all good. Thank you for the update.

what is an "app beneficiary tax?" Sorry to ask you questions (that I hope you'll answer) even though you have a newborn to handle at the same time... I know how that is! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Yes I've contributed a lot to hive engine. It's in JavaScript (nodejs), backed by a MongoDB database.

App beneficiary tax is a config tribe owners can use to add a automatic beneficiary to post payouts for any posts not created through their designated app. It's something leofinance, stemgeeks and neoxiancity use for instance.

Oh! so it's like if I use POB's front end, but I use LeoFinance's tag, leofinance charges a tax on not using their front end?

Yes that's it. This is a feature on the old scotbot tribes which I recently added to the comments contract on hive engine, which will allow tribes waiting on that feature to transition over. It's likely that what I said might not make a whole lot of sense... it's probably time for me to finally write a more detailed post about the current state of tribes which I've been putting off.


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the new season in splinterlan makes me feel hard

Yeah Chaos Legion has introduced a lot of different strategies, it's been tricky to figure out

Sounds good, take care of your baby girl... Have more fun in Taiwan

Wow, yes.... that was quite the huge update!
Awesome graphics on that cartoon character. Man, things just keep getting better!!

Nice one, happy holiday to u and your family... how is my baby doing?

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Happy Holidays!....Congratulations for your baby girl! She will surely keep you awake at night, but that´s one of the greatest things of being s father, right?! Keep on doing good things for Hive-engine.

Thanks for the information, will check that out!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance to you❤️

I am great and a happy holiday to yoy too

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Oh good work on Hive Engine! That is a big job and someone got to do it!

Hi @eonwarped
Where can I find the tutorial(s) to understand how to use the Hive Token Engine?
I have been in Hive since January of this year and that is still a mistery to me.
But please, please, please, no Discord please.