I'm 20% up!! I will be like those kids you read about retiring before I am 30... oh, wait... :OD

We're actually at a crossroads right now with one of our crypto investments- Terra Luna, we've done really well this year and right now have enough to pay off our house. And since we have a cottage attached that my mother and brother in law live in and pay rent for it would mean not only no payment on our side, but passive income from them.

Of course as soon as we make that decision it will sky rocket and we'll have missed out on the big bucks lol!
But the house is also worth more than double what we originally bought it for, so an investment on its own.

But Howie built it up once, he can do it again, he's got a good eye for finding shit coins that he knows will at least 10x before the hype dies, get in, get out. It's not a game I'd be able to play!

That's awesome! If crypto can pay off your house then you have won the game!

I must admit, I am no longer that keen on playing the holding and trading game myself much these days. It seems like a lot of effort!