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RE: Don't Look

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That's two new words in two days for me, The Luckiest Guy I Know strikes again. My phone allowed me to misspLeL "title" last night. Damn thing had two T's which subsequently looked like a grammatical error in "titties." I was talking to a chic friend at the time so you could imagine my concern.

To my surprise (comma) however (comma) tittle is indeed a word (period) It was quite craic (period)


Well, there you go! I have learned a new word. I genuinely don't believe I have heard of tittle before and now I have looked at the meaning I don't believe I shall ever use it!


LoL imagine the awkwardness when I meant to say titles and instead said tittles without knowing tittles a word

At least you werent running around saying titties without good cause :OD