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RE: Not Financial Advice

in #life7 months ago

Awwww what a cool dad you are Boomy, buying this joke coin just to make her happy. What if it will be worth something decades from now? I could see you laughing hard if it will . And I could imagine someone saying: dad, the Shib is mine🤣🤣


Lol. I know. It has amused me to finally be the owner of something so silly. I almost sold it earlier when it went up 20% lol. But then I remember it wasn't mine :0)


Hahahahahahahahahahh I try to imagine the remorse of having to hold on to it because...the shib ain't yours and You can't touch this lalalalal🤣🤣🤣woof woof🤣🤣🤣

Lol! I bought another mill to play with and now if it did something spectacular I am laughing and she will be too! :OD

You've just got shibbed!😅😅😅 come on, admit it, you are weak for the Shibby, you can't help but buy buy🤣🤣 this is why these meme coins work, they are so hilariously unpopular for their uselessness that they become popular.

Shib Shib Sheroo!! Thats me. I have indeed been Shibbed. Although I think that maybe 2 mill is my limit!

For now!! :OD