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Funerals always scared me somehow. It just seems odd to look at a corpse. The dressing up of the body....I once took a peak while a friend had his grandmother buried...I walked out of the room, it was spooky. Now they make the coffin with built-in freezing stuff...I can' t look at it.


Ewww, freezers in the coffins. I think it would be preferable to be burnt on a pyre. Thats how I want to go, the opposite way!

Hahaha so funny as I think the same : burn it and throw it into the ocean. Way too much money is spent on fancy funeral stuff. Who cares, the dead is dead. And if they would by any chance come alive they would rather have those money go in a different direction. You see, people are to be appreciated and pampered while alive. Once dead it is good to honor them and remind yourself of their character and love. Pretty simple, funeral houses complicate it🤑

Simple funeral with a cardboard coffin then a burning. No need to spend a fortune. When my parents passed I was horrified at the cost of the funerals! If they had allowed it I would have had some natural burial somewhere! The ocean would be good, I mean everyone loves the sea. Imagine that as your final resting place. Awesome

Natural burial...oh yesss what a fantastic idea Boomy! My to go place would be a forest. Second the ocean. I wish more would think like us, the Planet would be better off without chopped wood for dead people

A forest, that would be awesome. I love being in forests. The only problem would be peoples dogs always seem to have a habit of digging up bones of buried bodies in forests. Can you imagine what it would be like if we could bury folk there on a whim? Dogs would be very very happy!

Oh yes, that would be an issue. Damn now I need my own private forest....the coffin looks cheap now lol.

When you can afford your own private forest then you have nothing to fear from death!

This is the best thing anyone wrote to me in a while , I will remember it Boomy, great line!

There is such a way to do that!

The hard way!