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I think it's pretty mad strange to want to view dead bodies. It's not like they're there anymore. We had my father cremated when he passed and I wasn't even interested in the cremains.

Speaking of dead people, I'd say it's about time for !PIZZA and !BEER :)


All of mine were cremated although they did give us the ashes ina box and we still have them because frankly we are quite puzzled as to what to do with them!

There is both more and less than you would think!

Did someone say !PIZZA and !BEER !! :OD

I think you are supposed to take them to the top of Mt. Everest and scatter them to the wind.

Mount Everest, damn it. I say no. In this age of space travel I demand Elon takes me to Olympus Mons for the scattering!

I was unfamiliar with Olympus Mons until your comment here. Now I want to go climb it :) My mind is boggled.

Tis a beast eh! You are not alone in wanting to get up that one. And even better, there probably wouldn't be a pile of trash half way up! at first

I would totally volunteer for a one-way mission to Mars if it meant I could climb that thing. Hell I would probably even plant a flag and rename it to Mount McFukitol!

I would sponsor your volunteeringness for it! I can think if no better chronicler of mountains!

I will get a GoFundMe started then.