A low point in life and getting back to normal

in #life5 months ago


Hi everyone I know I haven't really posted much in the last month or two. Life has been a bit rough and I've been dealing with some big changes and figuring some things out in life. It's really amazing how quickly things can change and your entire world can be flipped upside down and come crashing down at the same time. I've been really depressed and in a dark place and that's really new for me as I'm usually a pretty happy and positive person.

Now I know that the problems I have are not the worst in the world by a long shot but it still hurts and is difficult to deal with. For the past few weeks, I had no motivation to really do much of anything and I realized I really needed to figure things out in my life both personally and professionally. With that being said I have made some progress and I'm working on some new stuff and I want to be sure to share it with everyone on here.

I'm getting back into my photography and working on some new projects to keep myself occupied which is a good thing. I'll be sharing all of that on here very soon. Also, I'm thinking of starting a video series to document my new journey. This video series would be more for myself but if others could find it helpful then that's just an added bonus.

I just want to finish by saying that if anyone else is or has felt this way or is in a bad/dark place then reach out to friends and/or family and talk with them. It really does help and one other thing I found really helped me and is still really helpful is to start a journal. Just a single paragraph or two and write down how you're feeling and your thoughts on the day.