[Poetry] Purr-fect - thoughts of a #Cat Lover

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Secretly, quietly.
Quietly you are hunting.

Brightly awake eyes.
Your gaze straight ahead,
Mysterious and threatening.

You are a being
And yet two.
Creepy and mysterious.

You are a being with tremendous power.
A being of the night.
A shadow.

Tomorrow is dawning -
Change runs through you.
You slip into another shape.

Eyes that look into the soul.
Gentle steps.
Slow movements.


You are a being
And yet two.
Gentle yet dangerous.

You play your mysterious game.
You draw us into your spell.
You keep us trapped in your gaze.

You are a being of the night,
With tremendous power.
Even on the day when the whole
world believes you asleep.


Your spirit never rests.
You are always alert.
You are a hunter who sees a prey in everything.

In some souls, however, you discover more.
Give trust and more.
Give a part of yourself.

I would give what I have
To guess your thoughts -
What am I to you?


A new game?
A new victim?
Or even a part of you?

What did you see in my soul?
What is it that I feel near you?
What magic have you cast on me?

I looked into your eyes
And I saw the truth.
I am to you what you are to me.

It is more than fascination.
More than your power
And yet I feel something deep inside me.

You, as a being of the night and I as a human being -
Let's make a connection that no one could ever break.
The union of the soul.

For me, you are no longer the mystery on four paws.
No longer the unknown in person.
I am now a part of you and you are a part of me.

We are two beings and yet one...


Thank you very much for reading!
Enjoy the day, my friends!






Original Content & True Life by @anutu


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Oh snap, can I read this next week?

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Of course!!! YES, would love that very much!!!! Sorry for the late reply, still bad computer problems here ...

No worries and thank you😎

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Love it! I’m part cat, so... 💞

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Hihihihi, welcome to the club <3!

Fabulous poem, @anutu You captured kitties perfectly! And I love the powerful yet mysterious element to your photographs as well - wonderfully cohesive with your words

Thank you so much! It just poured out of me and I had to put it down. So sorry for the late reply, still bad computer problems here ...

And those are usually the best! When you're in that 'flow state' of uninhibited creativity :)

Sorry you're having computer problems.

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This is so refined, @anutu! Please let @enginewitty read it - I can imagine how it sounds in his voice :-)

Yes of course!!! Oh, this will be so wonderful with his amazing voice!!!

oh my goodness - i'm just now seeing this!!!! i love it!!!!!

going to pimp it on PYPT - hopefully it's not too late to get some extra votes heheeh

Awww... This is such a great post my friend 😉I love cats and this was a cute way to highlight them. Amazing pictures and great writing. Made me smile Bigtime... Absolutely a Purrrrfect post 🤗❤️