Congratulatory letter to Croatian president Zoran Milanović

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The Free Republic of Liberland has the pleasure of sending the congratulatory letter to Zoran Milanović on his election. Read the official letter from the President below.

Dear Mister President, 

With your election to the Presidency of the Republic of Croatia, it is with great pleasure that I send you my warmest congratulations. I fully appreciate the magnitude of the challenges that you face and wish you every success in your new role.  

There is no doubt that his momentous election has been watched with much attention by the international community.  

It is my deep hope that our cooperation will be established, and I assure you of the support of the Free Republic of Liberland. I will be happy to build healthy relationships between our two countries. 

Please accept, Mister President the expression of my highest and most cordial consideration. 

Most Respectfully, 

Vit Jedlicka 

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