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Jo is funny because it's true. Politicals are not connected in any way with the working society. Most of them go into politics in the early 20s and be there forever. Never some real work eighter as employee or business owner.

The System itself is toxic the way people come to politics. Too much time and young? Why not try to be a full-time politician? Other people that are smarter and have more life experience and higher education don't have the time to stand up for election and connect to the establishment.

Not anymore a meme, but true.

Thats more funny :P

Why is the flashlight talking to me?

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Limited term no pension for politicians in all aspects and levels of all department...everyone should work in government and then we would see how useless it all is. Like mandatory military service, but in the office of the government.

Did you hear about the Irish guy who was assassinated at the antique store?
It was a knick knack paddy whack.

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