So much money moving

in #leofinancelast month

Whales Alerts

20 Million in, 100 Million out.

10 Million long, 3 Million short.

That comes in seconds. What I think, these movements can end up very fast in panic.

These numbers are not average timmys like us. These are Superwhales. And if they want to lock in profits, the end is coming.

Maybe they buy at the moment. But only as long as other whales ( or the majority) does the same.

If Huge dumps start, Some falling knife heroes will pop up. Even super whales. But they can easily get eaten if the mass starts dumping.

And people are IMO still too bullish to see a new high.

100k BTC, 500k BTC, and so on. Weird technical analyses in Chart and all tell moon soon.

I think more, we see much lower prices than today. Maybe Tether prints another 100B and we see the new highs :D

We will see.

No financial advice, Only FUD.


Oh that grove of trees…


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