MIM - Magic Internet Money Depeg

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Another one!

Another stable coin that is not stable.

I start thinking the holders trade it for bitcoin leverage products to hold 20k +.

110k Bitcoin on Leverage longs on Bitfinex only. LOL

Margin Bitcoins to be clear.

And this shit must be massive in the red. Maybe 3AC?

Stats of MIM: 252M Coins

237M Marketcap.

Website is called "abracadabra.money", what really funny is :D

About Tether

Anyway. Tether holds strong and reduces massive supply. If Tether should survive this market, we can delete HBD and replace it with Tether.

Simple Reason, if it depeg in some point, everything goes to zero. if not we have a solid 1$ worth stablecoin onchain.

Think about it! That's the solution! Outsource it to the industry leader! And Tether frens can store their billions on a transaction-free and easy-to-use front end.

Hive up only, Tether works in Billions, maybe billions of stablecoins here, no Inflation risk, everyone is happy!

Some Example of how retarded VCs are:




"This "crypto VC" was attempting to send USDC to Circle instead of the seed round. Circle has blacklisted the USDC contract address so people don't accidentally burn funds.

Saved the VC from burning $500k, and now he thinks he's been blacklisted"

Those people would love to use Hive for easy names.

Control the stablecoins, Control the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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