Metaverse is real, time to be a girl!

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Deepfakes all over the place. If you are not sure you are a girl or boy, doesn't matter in the future. Change your age or gender whenever you want.

I always wanted to be a cat owned by a hot wife, can I be in the future?

Anyway. What do you think? I wrote about that 1 year ago, deepfakes will end social media in the way we know. No pictures or videos can be trusted in the future.

That's why hive ( or web 3) with wallet ownership can do against this something ( for now, to protect fake accounts).

The demand for "human verification" will increase dramatically in the next years. Think about you love to simp, and you simp to a 50-year-old guy.

That's not the world we want to live in. Dating apps? fuck it, all 50 years old guys and trolls and bots.

Misinformation campaigns will also increase dramatically. I mean you see a face you trust, can you? The information can be a complete hoax.

Another example is the guy from japan that generates e models for the fashion industry. Those profiles have millions of followers.

All about commerce.

WEB2 was always a lie. Everything is fake and this will be peak performance.

I would not wonder if World war 3 starts because of deepfakes.


Hhaha i think you are right there could be a big event that is all fake and people would believe it.....umm wait there just was one...and people still be wearing masks.....i think they will just play that movie where the Whitehouse gets blown up by 'aliens' and tell the world it is happening was just that easy. !LOL

What did the full glass say to the empty glass?
You look drunk!

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