Massive BTC moves from huobi

in #leofinance28 days ago

Seconds after also 20 Mill Tether moves in.

Can have a million reasons, From Internal movings coins, to whale buy, to lost coins up to spread coins to more exchanges to sell them off ( because sell 10k BTC at ones one 1 exchange is not that easy).

Can be also moved coins away from China.

So overall everything is possible.

also, 4000 Eth Moves away from Huobi. Meanwhile, I write that post.

Something I monitor.


Another 4600 ETH moves away from Huobi.

Very suspicious because no other exchange is sending something in that range. Whales don't buy all at one exchange?

Btw, in general, those transfers happen a lot, but most in + out and not only out.

657,334 #ETH (1,879,938,895 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Huobi

Lol 2 Billion USD worth of ETH.

Another 12k BTC moves out and another 4k ETH.

No other exchange is moving funds close to that amount at the same time.

Internal structuring funds?

Somebody is reducing their 3rd party risk, looks like, to me.
Not your keys, not your coins.

I've heard this is the beginning of the end for the bankster cabal.
Years ago somebody said to watch the derivatives because when they go, that's it.
And, here we are.

Could be but it must be a mega whale.

And i would never let that much on exchanges :D

IMO if it's 1 entity, I could imagine we see a lot of deposits on other exchanges soon. Because if this is trading capital, it would spread out IMO.

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