Markets are retarded

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Financial education.

If I buy a horse and the horse dies, does it mean it's now for free?

Can I eat the meat?

To be honest, that's super retarded. Those people are allowed to vote.

Those people believe retarded socialism promises and this is the mass.

Hard times will come.



This time a country, Investment funds, celebrities, and companies were the exit liquidity.

And for sure Retails.

Looks for me like peak crypto/ markets for a longer time period.


You never know!




How do I spin up my own algo stablecoin? I don't need much exit liquidity per month.

is not per month, is all at once :D

Copy and paste code + marketing. But that train is over :D

UST went for many months if true. I think one could still easily dump USD pegs for USDC if they had a real looking project. The backing token must have more use cases than just governance and staking interest.


that's how transfer of wealth happen from retard to smart.


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What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish?
This tastes a little funny.

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