How beat the markets like a Wizzard

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It can be so simple.

I draw lines and keep it really simple. I draw one up and one down. And in 100% it follows one of the lines.

Do you know another trader with 100% accuracy?

Stop being poor right?



Does refusing to go to the gym
count as resistance training?

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There is no real trader with 100% accuracy even with TA. It might help you predict a trade but nothing is guaranteed. Who can guarantee something like COVID happens and the entire market tanks everywhere?

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that's why always draw 2 lines

Two lines might not be correct. I see people fix their lines after the fact when prices change all the time so I think it's just an educated guess.

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you know, that's a joke like the whole post :P

one line shows a downtrend, other uptrend = one of the lines is right = 100% accuracy, haha.

It doesn't need to be a line, it can be more simple like an arrow.

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