Hardware that stop working random

in #leofinancelast month

My monitor died, for no reason. My 15 years old one is working like a machine, works day today. The 4 years old is now for the trash. Sadly it was in the middle of a movie.

So I start looking for a new one. What I can see is they become really cheap.

So in shopping/ research fever, I start looking for some graphic card updates and so on. Hardware in general.

And... Holy shit. Why did they become so expensive? Is it because of the crypto boom? The one I bought years ago still cost 500$+. I paid way way way less than that. It was back then on a good discount for around 180$.

So overall pretty random pricing. Special on the newer models.

And I think there are many reasons for that. Supply Chains, chip shortage, and also crypto demand for pow.

In the end, I bought a new one. Same size, middle price.

I hope that one will work as the older ones in my setup and not dying after some years.

I will try this with the old one. Looks really delicious.


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