El Salvador gets rekt

in #leofinancelast month

Play the Game.

What if,

Bitcoins fall to 7k$.

I think El Salvador gets massive rekt.

Sure it is at some point funny, because it is 100% against Bitcoin´s idea. Some Kings decide the people have to use it.

Driven by greed.

Even if they don't want to use it.

Sure there Currency is worth next to nothing and Bitcoin would be an okayish thing to have, but not the greed way.

The smarter way for them would be to allow it, make it to legal tender, and then to nothing from gov side. Let the businesses do the work. Governments around the world are always the worst businessmen.

People use it, fine.

If not, nothing is lost. But in general, people like to have more space to build on. So it would be really unlikely nothing happens.

Sure all theoretic.


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What if,
Bitcoins fall to 7k$.

What a bullshit !

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12k or 15k would have the same effect. Its not up only :D