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Weekly looks okayish for bitcoin.

Not incredibly bullish, but nothing I want to kill myself (now). So overall ok.

I think 4 weeks up and down, then we see we go back to business or weekly Doom death cross will start the bear. It was already in sep really close to building the weekly death cross but was a dodge.

Maybe 6 weeks, in the meanwhile I think some alts can make brrrr.

Another scenario could be, we see massive green into nobody cares about death cross or politics or omicron or stock market and tether print another 10 Billion. Would be for now also ok for me :)

What if next week doomcandle?

I don't care (or do i?).

I'm a masochist and I like it. More pain, no gain.

Something to the end, regrets come always after a bad decision, so keep in mind, there is enough room for regrets.

Anyway did you know:



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