Alternate food / Beyond meat and co

in #leofinance29 days ago

What do you think about alternative meat businesses?

IMO the Shares of those companies runs hot of those companies. But I don't think they have besides the trendy image a healthy future in terms of revenue. Not if that food costs more than regular meat.

The basic resources in those products are from soy to peas and other legumes. So not a really expansive basis right? It is something you eat besides the meat because it's cheap.

Also, I don't think it is really innovative at all. Copy meat tastes with some plant products are not that innovative IMO.

Only if it would become much cheaper than meat. So it could be an alternative. Like the ramen of meat.

1000g of peas cost around 0,4$ (or less) and 200g of the end product for meat alternative around 3$.

And is it really that healthy? I don't think so.

Why do I write about that topic?

I would know your opinion about that. Do you think copy meat is a premium product? Is it worth that money for you?

IMO Eat less meat, but good meat. Way better than those alternatives.