Quick update about Hive-related activities at Oklahoma State University

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Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise

As many of you may know, I serve as Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise (ISFE) at Oklahoma State University (OSU). I also teach Entrepreneurship at the University and serve as faculty co-advisor to the Free Enterprise Society.

I am currently in active discussions with University administrators to obtain authorization to seek funding to create a new center within the Institute. The center would focus on promoting, facilitating, and disseminating academic research related to decentralized management and governance. I am also actively seeking input from the Hive community with respect to the proposed mission, vision, and activities for the center. I have had specific discussions with @theycallmedan, @starkerz, and @guiltyparties, and heartily welcome others to join in those ongoing discussions. If you would like to participate, please contact me via Discord at trostparadox#8559.

New OSU Class Submitting Weekly Essays via Hive

First, I want to apologize for not posting about this earlier in the semester. This has been an exceedingly hectic semester for me -- a big part of that has been the planning, organizing, and hosting of a Blockchain Ideas Summit (more about that below) and work related to the aforementioned center.

In any event, I want to inform you all that one of my Entrepreneurship colleagues here at OSU, Dr. Per Bylund, is teaching a new course this semester, entitled Entrepreneurship & Society. At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Bylund agreed to require the 50 or so students in the class to submit their weekly assignments via Hive. This is something I have been doing with an honors seminar I usually teach every semester (but am not teaching this semester): Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society.

In Entrepreneurship & Society, the students' weekly assignments include a 500- to 750-word essay on the entrepreneurial principles they observe in a specific movie or podcast that they are required to watch or listen to each week.

Their essays are due each Wednesday evening at 11:59p (CDT/CST).

Whereas I do not have any dedicated class time with these students, I was not able to give them any hands-on direction with respect to how to structure their posts, etc. I provided them with written instructions via the class's learning management system (LMS), but it's unclear how many students paid close attention to those instructions.

As such, in order to give them some real-world feedback, I urge you to:

  1. Check out their posts and upvote content that you find well-articulated and well-presented.
  2. Provide constructive comments on the things they are doing well and/or the things they need to improve on.

In addition, I have announced to the class that ISFE will be providing at least one $250 scholarship to whatever student from that class can earn the highest cumulative Hive rewards during the semester. So, your upvotes will have a direct impact on that competition. The competition will be based on all Hive-related rewards earned by a given student, regardless of whether those rewards were directly related to the class assignments. With that in mind, please consider 'following' any student whose essays you find particularly thought-provoking or well-written.

The class has been instructed to use the tags #gradnium and #eee-2083 for each of their weekly-assignment posts. These can be immediately filtered from various front-ends using 'created' in the URL, as in the following examples:

Of course, anyone can use those tags, whether they happen to be students in the class or not.
With that said, if you want to filter exclusively on students, you can use the following front-end (which is currently configured to mute all accounts except student accounts):

As a side-note, the TA for the class recently discovered that a student had been spinning / plagiarizing other students' essays. In addition to dealing with those infractions at the University level, I alerted members of the Hive community who are actively involved in anti-plagiarism efforts. If you notice any such activities, please contact me asap via Discord at trostparadox#8559.

Blockchain Ideas Summit

On Tuesday, September 27, we had George Gilder on campus lecturing about Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy (actually, his lecture was a segue from his 2018 book Life After Google and his 2023 book Life After Capitalism). That lecture can be viewed here.

The next morning, we hosted a Blockchain Ideas Summit, where four projects were presented to a panel of experts.

The projects presented at the Summit were:

The panelists were:

  • John Tamny: author of The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy About Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage for the Crypto Revolution and 5 other books.
  • George Gilder: author of Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy and Life After Capitalism and 22 other books.
  • Jonathan Button: digital assets portfolio manager; consultant to FIFA on FIFA+ Collect.
  • David Trost: cybersecurity engineer; founder of Compensara Open Money Protocol (COMP).
  • Mike Trisko: CEO of Phore Blockchain project.
  • Matt Starkey (@starkerz): co-founder of 3Speak and SPK Network.
  • Dr. Jesse Reich (@aggroed): co-founder and CEO of Splinterlands; former chemistry professor.
  • Dr. Brian Bishko (@brianoflondon): founder of v4v.app; inventor of Podping for Podcasting 2.0.
  • @arcange: founder and developer of HiveAuth.
  • Dan Hensley (@theycallmedan): co-founder of 3Speak and SPK Network.

Here are links to posts containing videos from the Summit:

(Unfortunately, a memory card failure resulted in the loss of the video and audio for the final two project presentations. Also, the audio quality of the remote presentations is marginal due to technical issues on our end. I did my best to improve the quality via post-processing of the audio files, but the quality is still not as crisp as I had hoped.)


Hi, great to see fellow teachers using Hive like that. I have created a community for my blockchain related courses at the University of Lille in France and I require students to post their work on it, @sorin.cristescu uses it that way too.

Indeed, here are some essays from the students at the University of Lille, graded not only for content but also for having been submitted via Hive:



Wow... so cool!

What makes it awesome is that we have an actual real world use case here; a functional access ramp to Hive that's not totally centered on the idea "I can make money here!"

I could imagine scaling this across numerous learning institutions, and numerous subject areas under the broader heading of "Introduction to New Technologies." I love the fact that the class is hands-on, not just theoretical.

Students turning into actual users could even be facilitated further by offering the potential for extra credit for developing familiarity with broader aspects of the Hive ecosystem. How sure how it could be applied... there could be ways.

Will definitely check out some of the submissions!


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I’ve done extra credit and competitions in the past.

I would like to figure out an elegant way to make this scalable. That was my original thought when I created the GRAD token and the gradnium.com front end.

I am definitely open to suggestions.

Great project. I went and upvoted a couple of their posts. Is there a delegation account that is going to be curating the students work? If so I'm guessing they're taking delegations? This is 100% the type of project that HIVE needs.

Edit: Go Cowboys!!

When I created each students account, I delegated 10 HP to each of them so they would have enough RCs to get started. That was before the recent HF.

We did have a couple hiccups though. I forgot to delegate to one student and a couple students used other services to create their accounts and didn’t get delegations and didn’t tell me their account names. We eventually got it straightened out, though.

Wow, I am impressed! Hive is definitely spreading, and I love the idea of the competition. If they take it seriously, they could easily could out of it with something far more valuable than $250 - or any amount of $$$

(Unfortunately, a memory card failure resulted in the loss of the video and audio for the final two project presentations.

Have you tried to recover it with OnTrack?

This post has been manually curated by the VYB curation project

Have you tried to recover it with OnTrack?

No, I do not have possession of the card. 'Memory card failure' was the reason provided by the videographer. However, based on the data we did receive, I suspect that it might have been a case of the memory card filling up and not being replaced soon enough.

However, based on the data we did receive, I suspect that it might have been a case of the memory card filling up and not being replaced soon enough.

Oh!!! That's not memory card failure. That's human error!


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And this is how you mainstream hive.

Get a generation of young, innovative and passionate users. Show them what can be done with a protocol like hive and then see what they can do.

The more awareness that is out there among students then the greater chance there is of students trying to build onto it and create new ideas.

It is a good perspective that you point out.. Good

I am doing my best to expose students to the concepts they need to know and grasp to be able to excel at creating value for others, which is the essence of capitalism and free enterprise. And, I believe blockchain represents a huge part of that. And, I believe Hive is one of the best and most robust ecosystems for blockchain-based development and experimentation.

What is desperately needed, imho, is an elegant solution for private key management. Every semester, I have students who lose their private keys, despite my repeated efforts to inform them how to safeguard their keys.

I would love to have more time and resources to devote specifically to solving this problem. However, as you point out, it might end up being one of our students who develops such a solution. Once that happens, look out, because the flood gates will be wide open.

@arcange's HiveAuth is and excellent service with huge potential. I look forward to seeing it gain widespread adoption.

Not in general, but in a college course setting, perhaps the students should be required to put their keys on thumb drives that they put in sealed envelopes with their names on them, and hand to you for safe keeping at the beginning of the semester, right after they create their Hive accounts. When final grades have been asigned, they get their envelopes back. Not elegant, nor automated, but at least it might be effective, till a better solution can be implemented.

The biggest obstacle for Hive reaching a broader audience is precisely that "the password thing is too complicated!" We live in a "log in with Facebook" world.


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The biggest obstacle for Hive reaching a broader audience is precisely that "the password thing is too complicated!" We live in a "log in with Facebook" world.

That’s why an elegant solution for key management coupled with HiveAuth could upend the world.

hand to you for safe keeping at the beginning of the semester, right after they create their Hive accounts

I’ve kinda done that. This semester I created their accounts for them, using my own Account Creation Tokens. The i give them their Master Password and tell them how to reset their Master Password and retrieve and store their private keys.

That way, my account is the recovery account, so I should theoretically be able to help them reset their keys if they lose them. I haven’t done this yet, in practice, though.

This kind of movement is so welcomed and it's a good one you are doing by taking entrepreneurship to the decentralized world

This will prepare the mind of future generations at hand, your movement is truly accepted and appreciated,,, much love 💕💕

You are doing an awesome job promoting Hive :)

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I love the class assignment idea of using Hive - such forward thinking. I'll be checking some of those posts out, and have bookmarked the link. Love it !

Hi, one other thing I'd like to add. I've now looked at a number of posts, and one suggestion I'd make is for the students to make them more like HIVE posts - add is some pictures, etc. They are coming across as very essay like, which I understand is important, but if they want more engagement from the blockchain, then spacing out with pics, etc - and making the posts more content engaging will help them attract more upvotes. Just a suggestion - feel free to ignore !

one suggestion I'd make is for the students to make them more like HIVE posts - add is some pictures, etc.

Yes, I told them that, but few have taken it to heart.

If one or two student posts that embrace that concept get heavily upvoted, then I can highlight those in the LMS platform, as an example to follow. That will speak much more loudly than anything I can say to them directly.

Does your project have a separate COMMUNITY on the HIVE blockchain for all of us to join? It would make following and participating much easier.

No. A community was originally set up (hive-101093), but posts from students do not consistently show up there. They only show up there if students use the gradnium.com front-end to publish their posts, and most do not.

The best way to follow is via the tags (#gradnium and #eee-2083) or the gradnium.com front-end (all students who use the #gradnium tag automatically have their posts indexed and displayed at gradnium.com).

It is good that i just found out about this.. I was in Ringold, Oklahoma.. I never knew that it was all occurring. Am glad i now know

A wonderful initiative that will help to promote the hive platform as a whole.. good job sir..

You are doing an amazing job..


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I think it's brilliant to have students post their homework on Hive. It is an excellent way of preserving ones work over time, to see the growth and maturity that happens that the students write. I will deploy this methodology in the future for my classrooms.

Thank you for the upvote and follow @trostparadox. I look forward to any/all updates on the amazing work you're doing.